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Tips For Egypt Travelers

tips for travelersGet the info needed for your Egypt trip. Answers to all the questions that might be in your mind before the trip. What to wear, where to go, what to do and when, taxi prices, food and drinks, climate, best time to travel Egypt, cell phones and phones, how to give tips, ... etc.

You are so close to Egypt
You have the option to watch people enjoying their lives while you stare at the T.V monitor, or just beat your laziness and go out have fun! For more than three years the media is talking about the so-called Arab spring and just showing you how th... Read more:
Items of personal nature
Laundry, medications, camera accessories, batteries, Internet access, laptops, ipods, etc, all these are considered items of personal nature that n... Read more:
Any Additional Requests!
We work with a certain standard of hotels, vehicles, restaurants, etc. If you are willing to upgrade, change, or add any service, this would be on ... Read more:
Drinks in A Trip To Egypt
Drinks are always not included in the price of a trip, that is logic as we never know what kind of drinks you like, or what drink you are going to ... Read more:
Guide for Wise Tipping
"Tipping" or "service" as the West calls it do not fully express the purpose of the practice known in Egypt as baksheesh. Tipping isn’t an easy p... Read more:
Telephone, Cell phones In Egypt
The Telephone system in Egypt is overloaded and antiquated. 4/5 Star Hotels will have direct line dialing and international service. Most hotels ... Read more:
Culture, & Shopping In Egypt
Culture:The population is made up of mainly Moslems and Coptic Christians. The main day of worship is Fridays, which is their weekend holiday. Go... Read more:
Drugs, Crime, & Smoking In Egypt
Drugs: Drugs are strictly prohibited and the consequences for use can be very severe. Don’t even consider it. Crime: Crime is low, rape ra... Read more:
Hotels & Nile Cruise Categories
We are often asked what Hotels we use and what is the difference between 3*/4*/5* star - so we have tried to explain this here. 3*Star - Tourist - ... Read more:


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