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Tips For Egypt Travelers

tips for travelersGet the info needed for your Egypt trip. Answers to all the questions that might be in your mind before the trip. What to wear, where to go, what to do and when, taxi prices, food and drinks, climate, best time to travel Egypt, cell phones and phones, how to give tips, ... etc.

You are so close to Egypt
You have the option to watch people enjoying their lives while you stare at the T.V monitor, or just beat your laziness and go out have fun! For more than three years the media is talking about the so-called Arab spring and just showing you how th... Read more:
Items of personal nature
Laundry, medications, camera accessories, batteries, Internet access, laptops, ipods, etc, all these are considered items of personal nature that not everybody will be asking us to provide them, and in most of cases the tourist (you) will be bring... Read more:
Any Additional Requests!
We work with a certain standard of hotels, vehicles, restaurants, etc. If you are willing to upgrade, change, or add any service, this would be on an extra cost, and you will be informed in advance of the cost, we will never step forward regarding... Read more:
Drinks in A Trip To Egypt
Drinks are always not included in the price of a trip, that is logic as we never know what kind of drinks you like, or what drink you are going to order, even water is not included as the price of mineral water differs from place to another, tha... Read more:
Guide for Wise Tipping
"Tipping" or "service" as the West calls it do not fully express the purpose of the practice known in Egypt as baksheesh. Tipping isn’t an easy process in Egypt. With seemingly endless situations calling for a gratuity of some kind and virtuall... Read more:
Telephone, Cell phones In Egypt
The Telephone system in Egypt is overloaded and antiquated. 4/5 Star Hotels will have direct line dialing and international service. Most hotels have WIFI, some offer internet access for free and some charge per hour. Calling cards through an ... Read more:
Culture, & Shopping In Egypt
Culture:The population is made up of mainly Moslems and Coptic Christians. The main day of worship is Fridays, which is their weekend holiday. Government offices, Institutions, and Banks close Fridays and Saturdays. The food is varied, chicken... Read more:
Drugs, Crime, & Smoking In Egypt
Drugs: Drugs are strictly prohibited and the consequences for use can be very severe. Don’t even consider it. Crime: Crime is low, rape rare, Aids is almost non existent, arguments may flare up over a traffic violation, but are usually ov... Read more:
Hotels & Nile Cruise Categories
We are often asked what Hotels we use and what is the difference between 3*/4*/5* star - so we have tried to explain this here. 3*Star - Tourist - clean hotel with no frills, private bathroom, mainly Egyptian family owned. 4* Star - Superior Tour... Read more:
Alcohol, Washrooms, & Baksheesh
Alcohol: Egypt is very much influenced by Religion, Egyptians do not drink in general, most of the hotels and tourist restaurants serve Alcohol, it is wise to check the price before ordering as Alcohol is expensive. You can buy it for a reason... Read more:
Geography & Distances
Egypt falls just in the north east corner of Africa, Sinai - a part of Egypt is in Asia, African Asiatic country of one million Kilo meters square. A lot of domestic flights can be taken to travel in between cities. Flash airlines, Memphis a... Read more:
Taxi, buses, & Service vans
Taxis: For every single city there is a certain color for its taxi few of them utilize the meter, prices are reasonable if negotiated before getting in. Street busses can be seen in the major cities as a main and cheap mean of transport... Read more:
Fast food restaurants
There are many fast food restaurants everywhere in Egypt in the major cities like Cairo, Alexandria, Luxor, Aswan, Hurghada, Sharm El-sheikh, and in all the other Governorates. Pizza hut: Tel: 19000 Roma Pizza 2 Go: 19914 La Cassetta: Te... Read more:
Egypt Climate & What To Take
Egypt Climate: Is continental, Mostly fine, with some heat in summer time especially in the southern cities like Luxor and Aswan. In winter it is cool that is to say 20 to 25 Celsius at the day time and it goes down to 10 to 15 at the night... Read more:
Water, Drinks And Food
Water: It is not advisable for a tourist to drink the Nile water in Egypt, it is very well treated that is to say safe for the Egyptian people to drink, but for a tourist you need to get use to it even before thinking of using it for a maker... Read more:
Shops & Pharmacies
Shops: Most of the shops open from 10:00 am until 11:00 pm. Sunday is off for Down town and Khan El-khalili Gold and Silver Shops. The shops owned by Muslim people are closed at the time of Friday prayer until the end of the prayer. For ... Read more:
Currency, Banks, & Credit Cards
Currency: The Egyptian official currency is the Egyptian pound (“EGP” stands for Egyptian pound, or “LE” stands for the French term” Livre Egyptien”.1 EGP is 100 piaster. It is not recommended to exchange your money in a bank at the airpo... Read more:
Visa requirements
Visa requirements: For most of the nationalities, Visa can be purchased upon arrival at the Egyptian Airports for $15 USD for a period of one month , what you should do on arrival is to go to the bank, buy two stamps to place them in your p... Read more:
Power And Electricity
Wall plugs are the two pronged style. Electricity Is 220 volts, 50 cycles AC. Be aware; Not to charge your Camera or Mobile phone in the sleeper train as power is not stable and may cause damage to your devices. But though it can be charged i... Read more:
What To Wear
What to wear: Since the climate in Egypt is continental ( dry and hot in summer time, warm and cool in winter time), it is advised to pack your light clothes the most (shirts, T-shirts and shorts), with two long sleeves pieces; and if coming to Eg... Read more:


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