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FAQ2Answers to most frequently asked questions, just spend some few minutes on reading answers in this section before taking off, it is going to be very helpful.Also, a good idea is to print all questions and answers written in this section and take it with you.. Be prepared.. Be ready!

Safety in Egypt
How safe is travel in Egypt? Security is especially tight, and, all hotels have metal detectors, and Police, at the entrance. People are only allowed to come and go through one or two entrances. Media hype exaggerates what is happening. Egypt ... Read more:
Going into Small Pyramid
Can I meditate or stay overnight in the Great Pyramid? This is not possible unless you have managed to negotiate a special permit with the department of Antiquities. These are not regularly permitted and you must have a special reason for doin... Read more:
Nile Cruises
There are a few exceptions, but these are the main departures. Departures from Aswan, on Mondays and Fridays Departures from Luxor, on Saturdays and Mondays   Where do the Nile Cruises go from, and to?...Currently, they go between Luxor a... Read more:
Money and Credit Cards
The currency is LE pounds currently about 5 LE to $1 US. The rate changes daily against the US dollar. Click here to see what the Egyptian exchange rate is for your currency. It has at-a-glance tables for comparison with the Egyptian Pound and ... Read more:
With one exception, we transport your luggage from the vehicles to your hotel, or cruise. Bellboys will move it from the lobby, to your room, for a small tip. You will need to carry your luggage onto the train if taking the overnight s... Read more:
What Are Hotel categories?
What are your Hotel Categories? Economy – basically tourist class – 3 & 4star Deluxe – The major chain hotels – 4 & 5 stars Luxury – these are top of the line hotels such as the Mena House, Grand Hyatt etc. and, are priced as per each request.... Read more:
Holiday Supplements
What are Holiday Supplements? Holiday supplements are the price increases implemented by the hotels, and other services, during their peak periods, Easter, Christmas, and New Years. We have no control over these supplements and do have to pass... Read more:
Hot Air Balloon Rides
Hot air balloon rides are available only in Luxor and will take you in the early morning, over the Valley of the Kings etc. A wonderful experience, but very expensive. Prices fluctuate around $100 US per person. They must be booked as an ... Read more:
Guide vs. Independent Travel
Can I travel independently without booking a tour package? While it is possible to travel Egypt as an independent traveler, it is recommended that you book a package tour, or private tour. Here's why: You will get much more out of your trip i... Read more:
Domestic & International Flights
When are the flights from Sharm El Sheik to Cairo? There are several flights a day, but as with all internal flights in Egypt, most flights are early morning, or late night. Yes you can. However, they do not fly daily, so check the schedule... Read more:
These do not leave every day, and, they take approximately 2 hours. Check the current timetable with Egypt office. When does the Ferry go between Egypt and Jordan?..The Cat Ferry leaves Nuweiba on a daily basis at 3:00 PM, and arrives in Aqab... Read more:
What are Feluccas? Feluccas are small bare bones sailing boats, no bedrooms, no washrooms, nothing, except a few seats and a sail. You can sail on a Felucca in Luxor, Aswan and in Cairo. This is best as they are short sails of 2-3 hours. If th... Read more:
Day Trips: When Do They Star, End?
When do our day trips for sightseeing start, and end? The usual time is around 8am to 4 or 5pm. You can arrange these times directly with your guide. Can we do a daytrip from Sharm to Cairo, to see the Pyramids etc.? Yes it can be done. As it ... Read more:
Dates and Times
The show takes place at the Giza Pyramid, during October. It has been canceled since ‘911’, and we will inform you via our website, when it will begin again. What are the Dates for Ramadan and Feast of Ramadan? In 2007, Ramadan will start Se... Read more:
Extra Costs to Enter places
It costs approximately $19 US no guiding or cameras are allowed. Agha Khan Mausoleum The Agha Khan mausoleum is a restricted area. No one can approach by land. We can only sail around the Island and enjoy a nice view of the place. Due to ... Read more:
Camera Fees
There are no longer any fees for camera or video camera use. However, many sites will not allow you to take them in, and you may have to check them in at the entrance. If they do allow them they must be set to museum mode as they will not allow ... Read more:
20 Questions To A Great Egypt Trip!
When Planning a trip to Egypt, travelers always have many questions. here we give answers to 20 FAQuestions by travelers about thier trip to Egypt and how to plan the trip of a life time. 1-How to travel to Egypt ? Most Egypt visitors come to Eg... Read more:
Giza, Cairo Museum, Islamic Cairo
Is It Possible To See Giza Pyramids, Cairo Museum, Islamic Cairo In One Full Day?...You can see the Giza Pyramids, The National Cairo museum, and the Medieval Islamic Cairo with the Khan El-khalili tourist bazaar in one day.   Normally this is... Read more:
What is the difference between Hotel & Nile cruise Categories?   The difference between the categories in hotels and in cruises. The five stars hotel or cruise is with specific occupancy, swimming pool, and a Casino...When it gets old, it wou... Read more:


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