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FAQ2Answers to most frequently asked questions, just spend some few minutes on reading answers in this section before taking off, it is going to be very helpful.Also, a good idea is to print all questions and answers written in this section and take it with you.. Be prepared.. Be ready!

Safety in Egypt
How safe is travel in Egypt? Security is especially tight, and, all hotels have metal detectors, and Police, at the entrance. People are only allowed to come and go through one or two entrances. Media hype exaggerates what is happening. Egypt ... Read more:
Going into Small Pyramid
Can I meditate or stay overnight in the Great Pyramid? This is not possible unless you have managed to negotiate a special permit with the depar... Read more:
Nile Cruises
There are a few exceptions, but these are the main departures. Departures from Aswan, on Mondays and Fridays Departures from Luxor, on Saturdays... Read more:
Money and Credit Cards
The currency is LE pounds currently about 5 LE to $1 US. The rate changes daily against the US dollar. Click here to see what the Egyptian excha... Read more:
With one exception, we transport your luggage from the vehicles to your hotel, or cruise. Bellboys will move it from the lobby, to your room,... Read more:
What Are Hotel categories?
What are your Hotel Categories? Economy – basically tourist class – 3 & 4star Deluxe – The major chain hotels – 4 & 5 stars Luxury – these are ... Read more:
Holiday Supplements
What are Holiday Supplements? Holiday supplements are the price increases implemented by the hotels, and other services, during their peak perio... Read more:
Hot Air Balloon Rides
Hot air balloon rides are available only in Luxor and will take you in the early morning, over the Valley of the Kings etc. A wonderful experie... Read more:
Guide vs. Independent Travel
Can I travel independently without booking a tour package? While it is possible to travel Egypt as an independent traveler, it is recommended tha... Read more:


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