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History, Mythology Of Egypt

King Tut Ankh Amun Golden MaskIn this section, you will find articles about Egyptian history, some ancient stories, analysis of ancient and modern Egyptian history, plus interesting articles written by our expert tour guides and Egyptologists. Also you can always sign up and share your input here if you have some interseting stories from Egypt or stories about your Egypt travel.

The Curse Of The pharaohs!!
"Death will slay all who come close " Perhaps the reason for the belief by the incidents of death and destruction that affects all of their open or near-pharaonic tombs, it is the legendary "Curse of the Pharaohs," which preoccupied many times over. Tomb of Tutankhamun: The tomb of Tutankhamun is the bomber of this myth or mystery, where the phrase "slay death two wings, anyone who tries to allay security and peace of the shrine of the Pharaohs," which found carved on the walls of the tomb when opened in 1922, especially since it followed several incidents of death that struck cemetery's...
Kheper - The Scarab At Karnak Temples
The scarabs were sacred figures in ancient Egypt. The ancient Egyptians believed in the Scarabaeidae family dung beetle to be presented on earth as one of Ra's image. Both were linked together, as the beetle was seen rolling dung into a ball for the purposes of eating and laying eggs that are...
The Story Of The Egyptian Pyramids
The Development Of The Royal Tomb In Ancient Egypt: The most famous tourist attraction in our world nowadays is the Giza pyramids in Egypt and the great pyramid of king Cheops…and here I would like to answer so many questions usually asked by the visitors of Egypt and those who are interested in...
Osiris The King's Legend
It is no doubt that Osiris represents the good king, and represents the most popular governor in ancient Egypt. His story tells that he used to be a good king before being a god, and he was so popular that it made his brother Seth very jealous of him. In addition to popularity, Seth was also...
Anubis is The Real Mummifier In Ancient Egypt.
The ancient Egyptians did mummify their bodies!! Everybody believes they know what mummification is, but have you ever asked yourself why the ancient Egyptians mummified themselves?...And how did they envision life after death?...And why is Anubis (the jackal) considered to be the embalming god...


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