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Aswan Tour Options

kom ombo aswanAswan is a small city, but it used to be one of the most important cities in Africa in the past as it was the biggest market in the content and the meeting point of all African traders. Ancient Egyptians built many temples and tombs in Aswan. we make tours to the must-sees of Aswan and also some other tours off the beaten track.

Abusimbel is one of the most fascinating temples of Egypt, it was built by king Ramses II At Nubia. The temple is situated 280 K.m south west of Aswan 40 k.m north of Sudan. the temple is unique because of the special facade of three huge statues of the king, each is 25 meters high. The facade itself is 35 meters height, and 35 meters width. King Ramses built 7 temples at Nubia, all were dedicated to the main gods of Egypt including himself as a main god, this idea is very clear and focused on at Abusimbel temple as the four statues of the king on the facade represent the four different...
One of the newest sound and light shows in Egypt. The temple of Horus at Edfu is so beautiful at night with lights, and now it is even more beautiful with the amazing sound and light show. Listen to the story of the falcon god Horus while walking inside the ancient Egyptian Greeco Roman temple...
Sound & Light Show At Philae Temple At Aswan
The sound and light show at Aswan is done at Philae temple on the Isis island, Visitors use motor boats to go see the temple or the sound and light show. the full storyof Isis and Osirus is narrated in you own language. We will pick you up from your hotel/Nile cruise at Aswan and transfer you...


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