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Attractions Of Bahariyya Oasis

bahariyya attractionsBahariyya is one of Egypt's oases in the Western desert. it is 375 k.m south west of Cairo, however, it is considered part of giza governorate. It can be reached via Cairo-Bahariyya desert road. The name El-Wahat El-=Bahariyya means the northern oases. The main economic sectors are agriculture, iron ore mining, and tourism. The main agricultural products are guavas, mangos, dates, and olives. El-Bawiti is the city center and the main administrative area of Bahariyya, El Qaser comes in the second position in importance after Bawiti, while a few k.m to the east fall the villages of Mandishah and el-Zabu. El-'Aguz is a small village lies between el-Bawiti and Mandishah. Harrah, the eastern most village, is a few kilometers east of Mandishah and el-Zabu. There are many different kinds of tours to Bahariyya, all mainly to see the Golden mummies, the ancient tombs of Dynasty 26, the temple of Muftila, the temple of Alexander the great, and of course go into the desert in a Jeep safari adventure.

Temple of Alexander At Bahariya
Temple of Alexander is about 5 km east of Bawiti, near the Valley of the Golden Mummies. It was built after Alexander the Great visited Bahariya in 332 BC on his way to consult the Oracle of Amoun in Siwa, or most probably after Alexander has reci... Read more:
Ain El-Moftella Temple At Bahariya Oasis
Ain El-Muftella temple is in a bad condition if compared to the ancient temples at Luxor. The temple is situated 3 k.m west of Bawiti town, was built during the reigns of kings Apries in the 26th Dynasty and Ahmose II. The entirly sandstone templ... Read more:
Qasr Salim At Bahariya Oasis
The site of the ancient tombs of the dynasty 26 at Bahariya is known as Qasr Salim, it is a small hill in Bawiti contains 2 tombs from the 26th Dynasty. A wealthy merchant, has a steep descent to a hypostyle hall. The 4 square columns are paint... Read more:
Museums At Bahariya Oasis
Museums at Bahariya oasis: Despite being so small city, Bawiti venter of Bahariya Oasis has got two museums. Also known as Bawati Museum or the Mummy Hall, the museum contains discoveries from a vast cache of mummies found in Bahariya. The Grec... Read more:
Hot Springs (Aabar!) At Bahariya
Hot Springs: Soaking in a steamy hot spring is not just one of the pleasures of Bahariya, it has also some healing purposes. Locals bathe during the day, but travellers are welcome to bathe during the day and under the stars at night. Many people ... Read more:
Mountains At Bahariya Oasis (Jebal)
Mountains (Jebal): Bahariya Oasis is one of the best places in the western Egyptian desert for short mountain hikes, sunsets and stunning views of an oasis. All the breathtaking actions are gained from the top of the nearby peaks. English Mountai... Read more:
Ancient Monuments At Bahariya
The Bahariya Oasis: is located 360 kilometers to the South West of Cairo in the Western Desert of Egypt. It occupies a depression that is more than 2000 kilometers in surface area. The weather of the Bahariya Oasis is usually nice and moderate a... Read more:


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