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Qasr slim bahariyyaThe site of the ancient tombs of the dynasty 26 at Bahariya is known as Qasr Salim, it is a small hill in Bawiti contains 2 tombs from the 26th Dynasty.

The Tomb Of Banentiu:

A wealthy merchant, has a steep descent to a hypostyle hall. The 4 square columns are painted with deities and the ceiling has a fantastic winged sun-disk. The walls by the entrance show the journeys of the moon and the sun. The colours used are rich, earthy ochres and reds.

The tomb of Zed-Amun-ef-Ankh:

Zed-Amun-ef-Ankh was father of Banentiu, the tomb has very colourful pictures of the gods carrying out the mortuary rituals. It is thought that he was also a wealthy wine trader or local landowner. The ceiling is painted with a starry sky containing the image of a vulture.


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