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Mountains (Jebal): Bahariya Oasis is one of the best places in the western Egyptian desert for short mountain hikes, sunsets and stunning views of an oasis. All the breathtaking actions are gained from the top of the nearby peaks. English Mountain, is also known as Jebel Williams after the British captain stationed here. The ruins of the World War I fortress that the British controlled are on the top. The British monitored the movements of libyan Sanusi tribes from this lonely lookout. It is an easy walk or jeep ride to the top. Visitors prefer to see sunset from the top of this peak.

Jebel Dist:

Called the Pyramid Mountain by tourists because of its symmetrical sides and pointed peak, Jebel Dist is 17 km north of town. It’s a challenging 1-hour climb to the top for impressive views of the oasis, desert, and 1000s of palm trees.

Jebel Maghrafa:

The area around Jebal Maghrafa and nearby Jebel Dist is famed for the discovery of giant dinosaur remains early in the 20th century and in 2001. There is also a camel breeding farm near the slopes of Jebel Dist, which welcomes visitors to see the new-born baby camels.

Jebel Ghurabi:

30 km north of town, this is a spectacular location that needs 4-wheel drive to get there. It is surrounded by beautiful sand-dunes and perfect for a half-day hike and a picnic.


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