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Hot Springs: Soaking in a steamy hot spring is not just one of the pleasures of Bahariya, it has also some healing purposes. Locals bathe during the day, but travellers are welcome to bathe during the day and under the stars at night. Many people come for the ancient springs’ medicinal properties, as the sulphurous hot water can help rheumatism sufferers.

Bir Sigam:

This spring Is 7 k.m east of town on the road to Cairo, it is the nicest spring in Bahariya in both temperature and setting.

Bir el-Mattar:

This one is 7 km northeast of Bawati, it has quite cool water pouring from an aqueduct
into a small cement pool. Men bathe here by day and women by night.

Bir Al-Ghaba:

It Is 2,14 km north of Bawati, is hot at 40 degrees. It is very private at night, though the pump is turned off at 10 pm.

Bir Ramla:

Is 2 km north, is also very hot. It is more public, but women can bathe fully
clothed at night.


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