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Hot air balloon at the white desert has finally become a reality. Now you can fly the sky of the amazing white desert in one of our hot air balloons. book your White desert 4x4 Jeep Safari trip with us and get the opportunity to ride the hot air balloon over this unique area. We do the white desert Jeep safari trips for you in many different time frames for your convenience, tour the white desert and Bahariyya oasis in 2 days and 1 night, or in 3 days and 2 nights, and there will be a great opportunity to join the hot air balloon flights.

The white desert is a vast area at the great Sahara Desert of Egypt, it used to be under the ocean few million years ago (40 to 200 million years), it is an area of Chalk bedrock that gives it the name "white", while this Chalk is formed beautifully by the strong wind that carried sand and curved the lower parts of the Chalk mounts to form so amazingly beautiful masterpieces that god is so proudly presenting in an unrepeated uniqueness.

The famous formations of Mushrooms are standing at the white desert remarking and specializing like nowhere else. Purity and virginity can be found everywhere at this very special place.


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