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Mosques In Cairo

Al Azhar mosque cairoExplore Medieval Cairo

Cairo is a very large city, it has been founded to be the capital city of the fatimids who ruled over the Islamic empire at the end of the first milinium after Christ. The fatimids built many beautiful mosques inside thier new city, and then the city was fully loaded with many more mosques at the Mamluks and the Ottoman eras. Find below some of these beautiful Cairo mosques. 

Mosque of Ilgay al-Yusufi
During the Mamluk Period, the city of Cairo was the model for all Islamic cities, dazzling the world with its magnificence. The city stood out for its variety and number of buildings, designed for a multiplicity of purposes covering the full... Read more:
The Complex Of Taghri Bardi
The Mosque, madrasa and tomb of Taghri Bardi During the reign of Sultan Barsbay, a Circassian Mamluk, the Amir Taghri Bardi (Taghribardi al-... Read more:
The Suleyman Aga El-Silahdar Mosque
The Suleyman Aga El-Silahdar Mosque and "Sabil" dating from 1839 comprise a sabil, medersa and mosque, with a single facade overlooking the s... Read more:
Sulayman Pasha al-Khadim Mosque
(At the Citadel) Though not the first religious foundation founded in Cairo after the Ottoman conquest, the Mosque of Sulayman (Suleyman) Pas... Read more:
The Mosque of Amir Baha' al-Din Aslam
Also Known as Al-Silhdar (Silahdar) The mosque of Amir Baha' al-Din Aslam al-Silhdar was built by the amir in 1344-5 (745-756). Baha al-Din ... Read more:
The Mosque and Madrasa of Shaykhu
Under Sultan Hasan, in 1354 AD, Amir Sayf al-Din Shaykhu al-Umari rose through the ranks to become Commander-in-Chief and al-Amir al-Kabir, o... Read more:
Sayyida Zeinab Mosque
The patron saint of Cairo is Sayyida Zeinab, granddaughter of the Prophet Mohammed (daughter of Aly Ibn Abu Taleb), and her mosque which hous... Read more:
The Funerary Complex of Amir Qurqumas
The funerary complex of Amir Qurqumas, dating to 1506-07, adjoins that of Inal to the north. Qurqumas was a Mamluk of Sultan Qaytbay who beca... Read more:
Sangar Salar Mosque and Mausoleum
The Sangar Salar Mosque and Mausoleum was built in 1304 and is located to the west of Sarghatmish Medersa. There are two similar mausoleums, one de... Read more:

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