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Cairo Tour Options

camel silouette pyramidCairo Sightseeing Tours

There is a big variety of tour options you can do in Cairo. The big city has it all, from the very ancient Pharaonic monuments to the very modern architectures, amusement places. parks, and even cinema studios. We offer a range of tours that cover all the possible options and activities.

Coptic Cairo Tours
It is a must-visit place! Coptic Cairo is one of the must-sees of Cairo. The place is called by locals "Religions comples" as ot has got all three main religions of Jewdism, Christianity, and Ismam reprensted in Synagogues, churchs, and mosques.... Learn more:
Nile Dinner Cruise With Belly Dancer Show At Cairo
The Nile dinner cruise is one of the very unique options for you as an Egypt traveler !! Take one of the luxury cruises on the Nile at Cairo for two hours to enjoy a wonderful nice dinner with a typical folkloric Egyptian Tanoura & Darwish show,... Learn more:
Sound & Light Show At Giza Pyramids
The sound and light show at Giza takes place every night for 55 minutes by the Great Sphinx of king Kephren, it is a laser show with history narration of your own language. Ask your local tour guide about the starting time of the sound and light s... Learn more:
Fees Of Cairo Attractions
Cairo Fees Name of attraction Price in L.E The Egyptian museum the Royal mummies room the Egyptian treasures exhibition ( inside Cairo museum) Listening devices in the Egyptian museum Electronic guide 75 100 ... Learn more:
Walking Tours
Many people find it more fun to walk rather than being inside a vehicle, Walking in a foreign country is even much more fun as you will be inside the frame not just watching it, for this kind of tours we hired a full team of professional local g... Learn more:


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