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Cairo Top Attractions

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This is a list of Cairo's top attractions. It is recommended to have at least three days in Cairo to get to see the must-see attractions and the iconic sites including the Giza pyramids, Egyptian national museum, citadel of Saladdin, cCoptic Cairo, the large tourist bazaar, Sakkara step pyramid, Dahshur pyramids, Memphis, and all attractions the city has to offer.

Grand Egyptian Museum
The New Grand Egyptian Museum is situated aproximately 2 k.m from Giza pyaramids, also known as the Giza museum, and is part of the Giza plateau new project. It is expected to open in 2015. The museum is built on 120 acres and is described to be ... Read more:
Al-Azhar Park
Located in the heart of old historic Cairo and commanding stunning panoramic views of the world's most intriguing city, Al-Azhar Park offers every visitor a glimpse into the captivating past. Lush green landscaped gardens are an enjoyable sojourn ... Read more:
Giza Sphinx
One of the largest statues ever made by mankind, a lion with a human head sits on the eastern side of Giza plateau with the pyramids on the background. The oldest Sphinx on the planet was made by king Kephren; it is one single piece of limestone o... Read more:
Sites Of Medieval Cairo
There are 651 buildings from Medieval Cairo listed in the index produced by the Survey of Egypt in 1951 including mosques, Madrasas, mausoleums, Khanqahs, Khans, Wikalas and private homes. Today it is estimated that some 450 still remain and it is... Read more:
Old Cairo
Old Cairo, Masr al Qadima, lies within the old Roman fortress of Babylon, which was not only a walled but a heavily fortified city, with a narrow streets and cobbled alleys. How the name of the famous Babylon came to be echoed in Egypt is not unkn... Read more:
Royal Opera House In Cairo
In occasion of opening Suez Canal, Khedive Ismaeal gave instructions to build an Opera House to be a part of the celebration for his European guests. It was designed in the model of "Loscala" Opera House in Milano by Italian architects Rossi & Pet... Read more:
Cairo Tower
Cairo Tower is considered one the famous land marks of modern Cairo. It has been the tallest concrete building in Egypt at 187 m , stands on Gizerah island in the river Nile close to Down Town. The Tower was designed by Egyptian architect Naoum Sh... Read more:
Fun Places for Kids In Egypt
When families plan their trip to Egypt, they always think about their kids and what kind of fun activities they could have in the land of the pharaohs where the fun and joy for elders is guaranteed! There are many fun places for kids in Egypt, esp... Read more:
Learn Arabic
Usually when people go to a country, they like very much to feel the cuture & the taste by trying to learn some few words of the language, not only this could be the reason why we write the below words for Egypt travlers, but also it will help the... Read more:
The Pharaonic Village
Imagine going to a place a few miles from the center of Cairo where Egypt's history and art come alive! At the Pharaonic Village you'll see faithful reproductions of buildings, clothing and lifestyles, a complete replica of the tomb of Tutankhamen... Read more:
Khan El-khalili Bazaar
Part of Islamic Cairo, almost 1100 years old. It was first for selling dry food and the traders used to travel from allover Egypt to Cairo to sell their goods in the market. Later was switched into a tourist bazaar. The main building consists of 5... Read more:
Islamic Cairo
The most interesting part of your Egypt trip is Islamic Medieval Cairo with all the fascinating Islamic architecture, and the very rich elements of the ancient complexes, Saabils, & the Mashrabiyya art work. Cairo is an Islamic City was founded a... Read more:
The Citadel Of Salah Ad-din
The citadel was founded by Salah Ad-din in 1168, and it was completed by his nephew King Al-Aadel. It is located on a high hill named Moqqattam overlooks the old city of Cairo from the eastern side. Salah Ad-din was the ruler over Egypt for 24 yea... Read more:
The very ancient capital city of Egypt, was founded by king Nar-Mer the founder of the very first dynasty, and the unifier of the two lands of Egypt; upper Egypt, and lower Egypt. The city was named after the name of king Pipi's pyramid Men-Nefer ... Read more:
Sakkara Pyramids (Djoser's Complex)
Sakkara is the largest ancient site in Egypt, was one the cemeteries of Memphis together with Dahshur, Abu Rawash, Abu Sir, and Giza. It accommodates the step pyramid of King Djoser with his complex, some other pyramids from the 5th and the 6th dy... Read more:
Cairo Museum
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The Pyramids Of Dahshur
Pharaoh Sneferu (Snofru or Snefru) (ruled 2613-2589 BCE) built three large Pyramids and perhaps two smaller ones. His Pyramids total nearly 5 million cubic yards (over 3 1/2 million cubic meters) of cut and dressed stone. The principal building pr... Read more:
Giza Pyramids
The plateau accommodates nowadays 9 pyramids, the biggest among them is the pyramid of King Cheops, also called the great pyramid of Egypt. In this area you can see two other pyramids, those of King Kephren, and King Mecarinoos. The pyramid of Che... Read more:
The Egyptian Museum
The National museum of Antiquities, The Egyptian museum, and Cairo museum are all names for the same museum located in central Cairo in Tahrir square (Independence square) , and houses the magnificent collection of king Tutankhamen. The Egyptian m... Read more:


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