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Dakhla Oasis Attractions

dakhla attractionsDakhla houses some ancient monuments like Dier Al-Hagar Temple, Mozawaqa Tombs, Bashendi Village, Al-Qasr Ancient Islamic Village, and also there is Ethnographic Museum in Mut, and the famous magic spring.

Dier Al-Hagar TempleDier Al-Hagar TempleDier Al-Hagar Temple
Bashendi Village
A village of Pharaonic design located about 40 km. east of Mut, Bashendi Village hosts an lslamic cemetery as well as Roman tombs, the most significant being the Tomb of Kitnes. However, visitors of the area often enjoy the way of daily life... Read more:
Ethnographic Museum in Mut
The Ethnographic Museum in Mut in the Dakhla Oasis is small, but has displays on oasis life. It is attached to Dar al-Wafdeen Government Hotel, is only opened on request: ask at the tourist office or at the Cultural Palace, where the museum’... Read more:
Dier Al-Hagar Temple
Deir Elhajar temple is situated in Dakhla Oasis to the south of the cultivated area about 10km from El-Qasr Islamic ancient village. it was built by Roman emperor Nero (54-67 AD). Deir al-Hagar (Deir el-Hagar, Deir el-Haggar) can be translat... Read more:
Magic Spring In Dakhla
The name "Magic Spring" is a touristic name, it was given to it by tourist because of the Big and small bubbles continuously pop on the surface of this pond which functions as the beginning of a lazy, little stream. Tourists go there to swim... Read more:
Mozawaqa Tombs
Mozawaqa means literaly "Decotated", it was so called because of its colorful decorations and its bright colors. Situated 22 miles from Dakhla, they are the remains of a Roman necropolis. The first tomb built for Ba-di-Ozir, the ruler of the... Read more:
Al-Qasr Ancient Islamic Village
The fortified Islamic town of Al Qasr was built at Dakhla Oasis in the 12th century probably on the remains of a Roman era settlement by the Ayyubid kings of Egypt. Located about 22 miles north of Dakhla, it is one of the Islamic landmarks i... Read more:


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