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Kharga Oasis Top Attractions

kharga attractionsKharga hosts a number of interesting monuments including the Temple of Hibis, Qaser Al Zayan, Qaser Al Ghweita and the temple of Dush. Kharga also hosts the beautiful Christian necropolis of Al Bagawat.

Ain and Fortress of Um Dabadib
we will Cross the Desert Borders of El KHARGA the biggest Oasis of Egypt ,Crossing the Last Segments of ( GHARD ABOU EL MUHARAQ) and Finally Reach the Abandoned Ancient Roman Fortress ( UM EL DABADEB) ,The Fortress that was Established to Protect ... Read more:
Qasr Kharga
Is the main town of Kharga and contains very little original architecture. There is the Mabrouk Fountain carved by local artist Mabrouk and a thriv... Read more:
Dush temple and Fortress
Dush at about 100km from the city of Kharga is an ancient sand stone temple and a Roman fortress. The sandstone temple, dedicated to Osiris and Isi... Read more:
Necropolis of Bagawat
This "City of the Dead" built into the hillside north of Kharga provides a remarkable insight into Egyptian Christianity in the 4C-10C. The huge ne... Read more:
Temple of Hibis
The Temple of Hibis is the largest and most well preserved temple in the Kharga Oasis, it was excavated early during the 20th century. It is also t... Read more:


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