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Necropolis-of-BagawatThis "City of the Dead" built into the hillside north of Kharga provides a remarkable insight into Egyptian Christianity in the 4C-10C. The huge necropolis includes 260 funerary chapels built from unfired bricks. Some of the chapels have retained their fine painted decors, such as the Chapel of Peace (n° 80) and Chapel of the Exodus (n° 30), the oldest, whose frescoes depict scenes from the Old Testament.

It sits atop an earlier Egyptian necropolis. Well-preserved, it's among the very earliest Christian cemeteries anywhere. The interplay between Egyptian themes and Christian themes in the many colorful murals is so interesting and beautiful. The Chapel of the Exodus has great images of Moses and the journey out of Egypt. This is a great site for just wandering. wonderful paintings are everywhere inside the graves.Necropolis of Bagawat


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