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temple-and-fortress-of-dushDush at about 100km from the city of Kharga is an ancient sand stone temple and a Roman fortress. The sandstone temple, dedicated to Osiris and Isis, butts onto the side of the fortress, within its outer walls and was probably built by the Emperor Domitian, with further additions and decoration by Trajan and Hadrian.

There is a dedicatory inscription of Trajan on the large stone entrance gate and this is dated to 116 AD. Inside there is a courtyard with remains of columns, a pillared hall and further chambers leading to the sanctuary. Some of the walls in the inner temple have beautiful reliefs depicting Roman emperors and deities. The walls were reputedly once partially sheathed in gold leaf, which must have looked splendid and unique.

The old name was Kysis. Ruined walls are all that is left of the fortress. There is an entrance fee. Just beyond Dush is the Darb al-Dush, an old caravan trail which led to Esna and Edfu. There is also a field of golden barchan dunes. It is possible to access Baris through the dunes.


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