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qasr-khargaIs the main town of Kharga and contains very little original architecture. There is the Mabrouk Fountain carved by local artist Mabrouk and a thriving souk. The souk is a good place to buy articles actually used by the local inhabitants. On the main street in Qasr Kharga is the Kharga Museum, housed in a building designed to look like a tomb at Bagawat. The lower floor houses the varied collection of antiquities from the surrounding area. The second floor has an impressive display of coins and Coptic artefacts.

Highlights of the museum include:

A complete Roman sarcophagus made of sycamore wood which was found at Labeka.

The Ba Birds. Found at Dush, these wooden, painted birds were buried to ensure the dead person would safely make the transition to the other world. There are five birds to represent the five elements that all needed to be present to ensure safe passage.

Parts of the Tomb of Im-Pepi found at Dakhla.

The Kellis wooden panels, also found at Dakhla, these are sycamore wood note tablets containing a variety of writing ranging from marriage contracts to fiction.

The double Statue of Ima Bibi a former governor of the oases and his wife.

The False Door Stela of M Khent-ka which the director of the museum believes is the most important piece in their collection. Found at Balat, this limestone door contains the earliest reference to the oasis so far discovered.

There is an entrance fee to visit the museum.


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