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Luxor Top Attractions

habu ramses IIILuxor Must-sees

The top attractions of Luxor and all teh must-sees with information about each site to give you the proper introduction before traveleing to Luxor. These are the places you should visit when in Luxor.




The Ramesseum Temple
The Ramesseum is one of the temples of the Nile's west bank at Luxor. Visitors drive by this temple when they are going from the valley of the Kings and Hatshepseut's temple to the colossi of Memnon. Ramses II built the Temple of the Ramesseum as ... Read more:
The Temple Of Luxor
Luxor temple is one of the most beautiful temples from ancient Egypt. The temple was started by King Amenhotep III from the dynasty 18. However, it is believed by some archeologists that the oldest part of the temple dates back to the time of king... Read more:
Karnak temples
Karnak temple in Luxor is the biggest temple complex in the world; broke the score of so many elements and sizes, each part of the temple was built by many kings from the new Egyptian kingdom. The oldest part of the temple dates back to the time of... Read more:
Medinet Habu
Habu Temple Is situated in the western bank of the Nile in Luxor, was built by King Ramses III who was one of the great warriors of Egypt. The king is represented in the traditional scene of the Pharaoh holding his enemies by his left hand, and sm... Read more:
Queen Hatshepsut's temple
Queen Hatshepsuit was one of the kings of ancient Egypt, ruled over the country for almost 20 years. She held all the titles of an ancient Egyptian king (son of god Ra, King of upper and lower Egypt, the lord of the two ladies, Horus, and Golden H... Read more:
The Queens' Valley
The valley of the Queens is located on the west bank at Luxor, houses 78 tombs of the Queens of the 18th, 19th, and 20th dynasties. The most famous tomb among them is the tomb of Queen Nefertari wife of King Ramsses II. These tombs include:The T... Read more:
The kings' Valley
Was the cemetery of Luxor for the kings of the 18th dynasty to the 22nd dynasty, started by King Thutmosis I or His daughter Queen Hatshepsut. It accommodates 65 tombs. The valley is located on the west bank of the Nile in Luxor, the village aroun... Read more:


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