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Attractions Of Siwa Oasis

temple of oracle of amun aghurmi siwaSiwa is one of five oases in the western Egyptian desert, home ancient Egyptian monuments and very special cultural traditions.  It houses the Oracle temple of Amon by Alexander the great. Siwa is about 80 k.m in length and 20 k.m wide. It is the closest Egyptian Isolated settlement to Libya with 23.000 people. Agriculture is the main activity of modern Siwi, particularly the cultivation of dates and olives. Handicrafts like basketry are also of regional importance. Tourism has in recent decades become a vital source of income. Much attention has been given to creating hotels that use local materials and play on local styles.

Cleopatra's Pool At Siwa
Cleopatra's pool at Siwa has nothing to do with the very well known Queen Cleopatra VII! the name makes it sound like an historical place, but there is no reason to believe that Cleopatra had anything to do with it. However, it indicates that t... Read more:
Alexander Oracle Temple Of Amoun At Siwa Oasis
Alexander's oracle temple of Amoun is the most important remaining temple at Siwa. At first we should talk about Alexander the great and his plan on how to invade such a glorious and solid nation like ancient Egypt. In 331 B.C when Alexander Came ... Read more:
The Ancient Fortress Of Shali At Siwa
The remains of Shali are dating back to the early 13th century, and was in use until 1926 when it rained straight for 3 days destroyed the fortress and left the settlement roofless. the nature of the building was weak as the material used was kers... Read more:
Siwa Oases
Siwa Oases is located in Egypt in the Western desert, it is the closest oases to the Lebian border. Siwa is consedered one of the most beatiful oasis in Egypt with Springs, Wells, and even lakes, add to all this the ancient monuments of Queen Cleo... Read more:


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