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The remains of Shali are dating back to the early 13th century, and was in use until 1926 when it rained straight for 3 days destroyed the fortress and left the settlement roofless. the nature of the building was weak as the material used was kershef which is a mixture of salt and clay.

Shali have risen 60 metres above the ground level of the oasis which is already a depression of -19 m. It was built above and around a little mountian covering it with houses topped by a small mosque which still standing as the highest point of Shali. It must have been a fabulous and beautiful living place. It still is, but none of the 5 stories houses still stand.
Shali today offers great view and is one of the main highlights of Siwa, But surprisingly, you will find some of the houses are still inhabited, although this only applies to the ones at the foot of Shali.


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