Beni-Hassan-Tomb-of-AmenemhetIVMinya is in middle Egypt, it is 380 k.m south of Cairo titled as the bride of upper Egypt. It used to be the capital city of Egypt at the time of King Akhenaton 1353 B.C with his famous wife Queen Nefertiti. The place is full of ancient sites such as the tombs of Beni Hassan, Tel el-Amarna, and tuna El-gabal from diffent eras of ancient Egypt along with Ashmoneen the main cult center of god Thot of wisdom and writings!

We provide facilities to a great Full day trip to Minya from Cairo features some of the above must-see attractions of Egypt; Tel el-amarna is the main feature being the main center of the old capital city back to the 14th century B.C, down town Minya with the charming corniche Nile street, and  the tombs of Tuna El-Gabal.

You are so close to Egypt

You have the option to watch people enjoying their lives while you stare at the T.V monitor, or just beat your laziness and go out have fun! For more than three years the media is talking about the so-called Arab spring and just showing you how the name does not apply! They just want you to watch something exciting, do they??..


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