Giza Zoo

One of the biggest in the world, 120 acres in size, has got many old trees and animals as it is 110 years old. The Giza zoo was founded by khedive Abbas II Hilmi Bey (also known as Abbas Hilmi Pasha), but the idea was started by his father khedive Muhammed Tewfik Pasha.

Giza zoo is still the most popular destination by the locals, as hundreds of school students come to visit every day from outside the city, also schools in Cairo arrange weekly trips to the zoo.

The visitors enjoy watching all kinds of animals, birds, and reptiles.

In 2009 one of two giraffes of the Giza zoo died, and that was a great loss, the management of the zoo applied for another giraffe from South Africa, but South Africa refused to give Egypt another one as they did not take good care of the first giraffe that died in 2009.

In 2010, the people in charge of Giza zoo felt their mistake, and as a result, all the wild caged animals were moved to Africano park some 110 miles northwest of Cairo by the desert road of Cairo-Alexandriain a trial to keep the animals safe as the original zoo is just in the middle of the city where there is much pollution.

Without any renovations, the caged animals were brought back to their home at Giza as the questions arose, how can we keep the animals safe in their original home at Giza?….and they just found out, or better say decided to take care of the zoo by keeping it clean, and green, and provide clean healthy food for the animals, and that was exactly the way Khedive Abbas followed, and even King Farouk, then ascended the throne of Egypt, did the same and made the zoo so popular, clean, beautiful, and brilliant.

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