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Egypt Vacations best time

There are so many things to consider before arranging a vacation; like destinations, hotels, food, travel agents…… Especially, the time for your vacation.

When is the Best Time For Egypt Vacations? Weather plays a very important role in arranging an amazing holiday, and everyone has to think before booking Egypt vacations. Here are some tips to make your Egypt vacation amazing.

Egypt stretches over 1050 km along the western coast of the Red sea ( from 15° 51´ N to 40° 125´ N) with the Geography of two continents, so Egypt has a remarkably diverse climate. Thanks to the different climate in different areas, there are always places for your vacations in Egypt.

The Northern Egyptian coast:

The cold season is sometimes wet between December and March when the temperature is around 60° F / 16° C.

In the hot period, between May and August, the average temperature is about96° F/ 36° C. It is a dry season. However. In the cool period of the year between 22° C – 28° C in October, November, and April. It could be said that from the end of October to April of the next year is the best time for amazing Egypt vacations.
Besides the weather, you may wonder what are the top destinations in the Northern coast of Egypt? And how to discover those destinations? First of all, amazing Alexandria is the Queen of all the northern coast Egyptian vacations. Stunning Alexandria used to be the capital city of Egypt founded by Alexander the great, tourists should change their programs to stay longer. Alexandria’s stunning Beaches and the luxury comfort of the 5 stars hotels located along the shore.

Lower Egypt:

the hot season should remain the same as above. this section includes Cairo ( the capital city), the Delta of the Nile, and those governorates around Delta. Cairo is the king in that case with all its history of 5000 years, that is to say, you can track the human history in Cairo, starting with the before civilizations, ending with Modern Cairo which is not less than the big cities of the modern world in style, shape, and cleanness.

The Nile Delta is still very rich in both history and adds to it the vast green area of Egypt with the huge fruit gardens and the area of the massive tree that makes it like a forest.

Middle Egypt:

The cool season is sometimes between November and February when the temperature is around 80° F / 22° C…The most visited destination is Menya because of its history and is the capital city of Egypt at the time of the king Amenhotep IV ( Akhenaten).

The Southern part of Egypt ( Upper Egypt):

The temperature in the south in wintertime which is from October to the end of March is around 77° F/ 25° C. It is the dry season as well, and it turns into HOT from May to September. The ideal time for Egypt Vacations in the south is winter. The top destination in South Egypt is Luxor. You will bring home amazing memories and lifetime brain prints from the temples and tombs, plus an amazing experience on different ways of local life.

Aswan comes in the second number of being a top destination for Egypt Vacations with the stunning Abusimbel temple, Lake Nasser which can be enjoyed on board of Luxury 5 stars cruises, and the city of Aswan houses the most romantic Nile islands in Egypt.

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