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Why The Ancient Egyptians Worshipped Animals

The ancient Egyptians knew the biology science, and each animal they worshiped had a function and was worshiped because of what it does to help mankind. However, the ancient Egyptians killed animals and mummified them and that did not mean lack of respect as they used some of the animals as food like cows and also for worshiping!

The ancient Egyptians raised some animals to the level of respect as these animals helped them with what they can do themselves while they raised some other animals to the level of gods as they were doing what they could not do themselves.

The goose was worshiped as the god of the wind while the cow was the goddess of maternity, music, joy, and love. The falcon was the god of the sky, the crocodile was the evil god together with hypos, the cat was a local goddess in the Delta, the jackal was the mummification god, the ibis bird was the god of science, and the dung beetle was representing the sun god Ra.

The hyena was an important animal that they respected as it was used for making medicine and to feed the sick people. The skin of a cheetah was covering the high priest’s body to show he is powerful.

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