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We know, it is not an easy task to choose Egypt Nile cruise! There is around 250 Nile cruise ships in Egypt, most of them are operating and categorized as 5 stars, however, many of them do not look or feel like real 5 stars, so how to choose and differentiate between the excellent, good, and the bad Egypt Nile Cruises.

I always like to mention the conclusion before starting. To make it clear as you read on: only experts know the good cruises by names, and they also know the bad ones to avoid.

Unfortunately it can take ages for you to know the okay cruises. It is much easier to find the luxury ones, but those are just great for travelers seeking Egypt Luxury Tours, so what if you are looking for a reasonably priced Nile cruise packages?!

In this article, we will tell you What makes the Nile Cruise Trip good or bad, and will tell you about some Nile cruises to avoid, some O.K ones, some good, and some excellent Nile cruise ships.

What makes a Nile Cruise Trip good and what makes it bad.

What makes the Nile cruise good is not the facilities the ship provides, nor the sightseeing tours, or the exterior design of the ship. It is how old the ship is, the quality of service, and food make the difference.

Service & hospitality are so important and there is no need to mention why it is important as most travelers know it, but it is even more important with Nile cruises as service and hospitality can be in low standard even with some 5 stars Nile cruises.

Food is a big factor which can make your Nile cruise experience a nightmare or a nice dream! Some 5 stars Nile cruises also provide low quality food with very small variety.

Most of the ships use 2 large engines, and these engines can cause problems in some of the cabins (guest’s rooms), the older the engine is, the more the problems are, these problems are Vibration (sleepless nights) and pollution (unbearable smell) which can cause difficulties in breathing, so choosing a new cruise ship is recommended. Now you started to realize why only experts know the good cruises by names, and they also know the bad ones to avoid.

It does not go with the name of the company, or the online reviews even the freshly written reviews. However, from our previous experience with cruise ships, we can mention some of the good ones that we know they are good and will remain good for a long time because we have used them regularly for years and we know they are regularly maintained and renewed.

Having a certain low budget does not mean booking a bad Nile cruise trip, because some of the cheap Nile cruises are great with good service and good food like M/S Rosetta which has very good staff, delicious and clean food, no variety though!

One of the very good means to choose a Nile cruise ship is reading reviews online to know what people think about a certain cruise ship, but this is also not guaranteed as the nature of the ships’ hardware, and the crew are changing all the time and not permanent. This will lead us to the fact that any ship will remain in a good shape for around 5 years before needing refurbishing and renewals.

We always send our representatives with every single booking to the Nile cruise ships to make sure everything is still as advertised and no major changes occurred.

We have provided a very good option here which is the ability to choose your Nile cruise package, and tell us about a certain boat that you want to be on, and we will book this certain ship for your trip.

Luxury Nile Cruise Ships

High-end ships for Nile cruises really are top of the line and ideal for those looking into Luxury tours in Egypt. The cabins are a good size and often decorated in a modern but elegant design. Many of these ships feature award-winning chefs and additional facilities such as an onboard fitness room, rooftop swimming pool, or even an onboard spa. Additionally, professional Egyptologist guides for all attractions and sites along the way are included in the price of your luxury Egypt tour. These ships differ in size but tend to have somewhere between 30-50 cabins on board.

Cruise ships we trust

Reasonably priced Nile cruise ships, and still in good shapes, with good service, and good quality of food. These Nile Cruises are so good due to the strong management which keeps things stable and high quality. They are also in new conditions and very will maintained.

Affordable and reasonably priced Nile Cruise Ships

  • M/S Nile Quest
  • M/S Nile Ruby
  • M/S Nile Story
  • M/S Concerto
  • M/S Opera Aida

Cruise Ships you should avoid

Reading the online reviews shall make it easier to decide which cruise ships you should avoid. Avoid the cruise ship and do not book it if:

  • The ship is old and travelers complain about frequent breakdowns and dilapidated infrastructure.
  • The food quality on the ship is bad
  • The Service on the ship is bad
  • There is vibration and dark smoke near the back of the ship.

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