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Since 1999. Egypt Fun Tours is one of the leading tour agencies of Egypt. We have facilitated & developed many of Egypt tour options which were not in the market before Egypt Fun Tours. We do high quality private guided tours for groups and individuals alike. We are rated excellent by our clients on the major travel websites. Instead of using your next door travel agency to plan and book your holiday, contact us directly and save the middle-man commission

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Old Cairo

Old Cairo, Masr al Qadima, lies within the old Roman fortress of Babylon, which was not only a walled but a heavily fortified city, with a narrow streets and cobbled alleys. How the name of …

Abu Simbel Temples

Abu Simbel is a village in the Egyptian part of Nubia, about 240 kilometers southwest of Aswan and near the border with Sudan. As of 2020, it has about 3100 inhabitants. It is best known as …

Learn Belly Dance

Egypt Fun Tours now offers entertainment as part of your wonderful visit that will be fun for the whole family! Ladies, if you ever wanted to learn how to move your body to the mesmerizing …