Assouan Dahabiya: Upriver Cruise from Esna to Aswan for 5 Nights 6 Days

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 Tour Details:

  • Duration:  6 Days 5 Nights
  • Location: Aswan
  • Availability: Available Everyday
  • Pick up and drop off: Your Hotel
  • Tour Type: Private

Assouan Dahabiya: 5-Night, 6-Day Upriver Cruise from Esna to Aswan

Beautifully elegant and perfectly crafted, Nour El Nil’s Assouan dahabiya is the most private of the four Dahabiyas. Assouan has a unique position because it was Nour El Nil’s first dahabiya to be launched. This dahabiya is our smallest and most budget-friendly option, but it still provides the same high level of comfort, service, and food as our other three dahabiyas.

Aswan Dahabiya features:

  • Two Suites with views and 6 standard rooms are available. Large, panoramic windows are included in all of the cabins.
  • There are dining options, bars, and a reading lounge available.
  • Complete Fire Safety precautions include a Sprinkler System, Anti-Fire treatment, and other procedures.
  • An on-call doctor is available.
  • Onboard air conditioning is provided.
  • Hairdryer in the bathroom with access to a private shower
  • A motorboat will accompany it and tow it if the wind is calm.
  • Deck with a view of the sun
  • Additional Services and Resources
  • WiFi
  • Pool a/c
  • Shower in your own bathroom
  • TV
  • Minibar
  • Gym
  • Shop for gifts


6 Days – Esna to Aswan Every Monday

Day 1: Monday – Esna:

The moment you arrive in Luxor, you will be greeted and aided by a representative of Egypt Fun Tours before being led by an Egyptologist tour guide on a tour of the ancient city. While Esna is a bustling commercial center, its most famous landmark is the 9-meter-deep Temple of Khnum, which dates back 2,500 years. Your journey will begin with a short walk to a temple and a stroll through streets lined with colorful fabrics and other unique items.
You’ll spend the night aboard your Nile boat at Esna.

Lunch and dinner are provided.

Day 2: Tuesday – El Kab & Edfu:

The temple of Nekhbet and a row of fascinatingly adorned tombs cut into the mountainside may still be found in El Kab, which was the capital of Upper Egypt at one time and is now on the east bank of the Nile. A lovely walk through the fishing hamlet and the necropolis awaits you as you dock. The boat will arrive in Edfu, Egypt’s ancient Greek and Roman capital, in the late afternoon. This is one of Egypt’s best-preserved temples. You may go to the temple via horse and carriage, which will take you through the city. You’ll return to the boat and then cruise to a lovely island.

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are included.

Day 3: Wednesday – Day to remember:

After an optional morning walk and brunch, you’ll go off on a river excursion. In the late afternoon, you’ll arrive to an island for a stroll or a dip in the Nile. Wander through a valley dotted with ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic-covered stones as the sun sets into the desert for a unique experience. These photos document the start of the quickest route through the desert to reach Libya (28 days in ancient times). The boat will be moored at the foot of the Gebel Silsileh shrine at night.

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are all included.

Day 4: Thursday – Gebel Selsila:

The River is at its narrowest part here, as it flows amid two mountain ranges. Because big Nile cruises are not permitted to dock here, you will typically be the sole guest to this interesting location. After viewing Horemheb’s modest temple and strolling through the sandstone quarries where ancient Egyptians carved rock for several of their most renowned temples, you’ll stop at a beautiful café for chai and hookah (waterpipe). After that, you’ll cruise to a beautiful riverside for lunch and bathing.

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are all included.

Day 5: Friday – Kom Ombo:

After an evening on the river and under the stars, the morning journey will take you to the village of Kom Ombo and its temple. During the Ptolemaic period, the temple was erected on the site of an earlier temple at one of the most picturesque sites, on a bend in the river. The temple was built in honor of Sobek, the crocodile-headed deity. Following your tour to the temple, you will go to the new Crocodile Museum, which has several mummified crocodiles, attesting to the creature’s importance in this region in ancient times.

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are all included.

Day 6: Saturday – Aswan:

Breakfast will be served onboard your Dahabiya Nile boat before being taken to Aswan airport / Aswan railway station for your last departure.

Breakfast is included.


  • Welcome and assistance services upon arrival and departure
  • In-room and excursion assistance provided by members of our staff
  • All transfers are performed in a luxurious air-conditioned car.
  • Full-board accommodations on the 5-star Dahabiya ship
  • All of the Nile Cruise activities included on the schedule
  • Entry fees to all attractions between Luxor and Aswan
  • Egyptologist guide for your outings
  • Including all fees and levies


Anything else that isn’t explicitly stated in the itinerary

Assouan Dahabiya: Upriver Cruise from Esna to Aswan for 5 Nights 6 Days
Assouan Dahabiya: Upriver Cruise from Esna to Aswan for 5 Nights 6 Days
from: 1449$

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