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Egypt travel info section is very important for all Egypt travelers providing all info related to Egypt travel. To travel to Egypt, you do not need to read large books or spend hours browsing large travel websites because we made sure to list all the info needed for Egypt travel in this section. Egypt is a diverse country located in the northeast of Africa connecting both Asian and African continents. The ancient Egyptian civilization lasted for around 5000 years, with that said, it has been always under foreign occupation for more than 2200 years. This produced so many contradictions and mixes of different cultures. In Alexandria further South of many of the Delta cities, the European influence is so intense, so seeing European-looking white people who were born in Egypt from Egyptian parents is very normal, also many of the shops’ names in the markets are still Greek and Italian. The Egyptian language is the modern Arabic language that is understandable by all the middle eastern countries, this is because Egypt is the largest media producer in the middle east.

Ancient Egyptian Alphabet

Hieroglyphic Writing in Ancient EgyptAncient Egyptian Hieroglyphic AlphabetTheodosius I, the Byzantine Emperor, closed all pagan temples across the ...

The Most Famous 10 Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs

Pharaohs were both the kings of state and the religious leaders of their people in ancient Egypt. The name "pharaoh" literally means "Great House," referring ...

Muhammad Ali Pasha

It began with brilliant individuals who dreamed of establishing something greater than themselves, such as their own nation, country, and long-lived dynasty, ...

Sultan Salah Al-Din

Salah Al-Din, the EmperorPeople on all continents have known the name of one of history's greatest conquerors who want to leave a lasting legacy and ...

Alexander The Great

Alexander the Great was one of those guys who wanted to leave an indelible mark on history and influence the course of events. Alexander III of Macedon's life ...

King Seti I

King Seti I Who built Abydos TempleKing Seti I (1294-1279 BC) was a pharaoh of Egypt's new kingdom (1550-1050 BC), one of the 19 dynasties. Seth is the ...

Queen Cleopatra

Who is Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt?Queen Cleopatra VII is one of history's most well-known, attractive, clever, and powerful female monarchs. Queen ...

King Menes (Narmer)

Who exactly is King Menes?"King Menes" is the founder of the first dynasty in Egyptian history and the final king of the predynastic period (6000-3150 ...

King Chephren

Who is King Chephren?King Chephren, A.K.A. King Khafre, was one of the most prominent rulers of the 4th dynasty in Egyptian history. He is the son of ...

Queen Hatshepsut

Who is Queen Hatshepsut?Queen Hatshepsut, whose name means "Foremost of Noble Women," was the fifth pharaoh of the 18th dynasty and one of ancient Egypt's ...

King Tutankhamun

What is the history of King Tutankhamun?King Tutankhamun (1334 B.C.-1325 B.C.) was an Egyptian king during the New Kingdom's 18th Dynasty (1570-1050 BC). ...

King Khufu

Who is King Khufu?King Khufu is regarded as one of Egypt's most powerful monarchs of the ancient Egyptian period. During the ancient kingdom of Egypt, he ...

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