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Stopover Tours from Cairo Airport

Incredible Stopover Tours from Cairo International Airport

One of the best tour options for those who have limited time is to join Cairo stopover Tours. There is always a positive aspect in every negative event! Having to purchase a flight ticket with a long stopover sucks, it means long waiting hours with almost nothing to do especially in those poor airports with poor WiFi connections! Exploring the most famous ancient monument in the world is the basic feature that Cairo stopover tours present. A spectacular city tour and a memorable visit to the ancient town are also unique parts of every tour we start from Cairo Airport. I assume it is a better idea now to buy your flight ticket with an even longer layover.

Attractions you visit during your Cairo stopover Tours:

  1. Giza Pyramids Complex (the famous pyramids of Egypt)
  2. The Great Sphinx (the largest in the world)
  3. The Pyramids of the Queens
  4. The Mummification Temple of the King
  5. Downtown Cairo
  6. The Majestic Nile River
  7. Cairo City Tour
  8. The ancient town of Al-Qahira
  9. El-Muez street with all the stunning architecture it has to offer
  10. The old mosques of medieval Cairo.
  11. The gates of the old town (Bab El-Futuh gate & Bab El-Nasr gate)
  12. The main tourist bazaar of Cairo at Khan El-Khalili

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Impartant info:

  • Touring the old tourist market is part of the tour, however, it is not recommended for layover passengers to do shopping in this market as it takes a long time and might affect the layover tour time management, but no worries, our tour guides shall manage this.
  • In a tour from Cairo Airport, we include the meet, welcome, and assist services to make sure the airport formalities process is done as fast as possible to secure enough time for exploring the city.
  • Professional Egyptologist tour guides are available at Cairo Airport 24/7 to start your private tour as soon as you arrive in Cairo.
  • Professional drivers know Cairo’s traffic very very well and will minimize the traffic time in an unbelievable and safe way.

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