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Bibliotheca Alexandrina (Library)

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The contemporary re-imagining of Alexandria’s historic Great Library is the first stop for most tourists to Alexandria. The Bibliotheca Alexandrina is the city’s cultural hub and one of Egypt’s most prominent modern landmarks. It has one of the most ambitious libraries in the contemporary world, as well as a number of museums dedicated to Alexandria’s history and legacy.

Its design is based on a massive sun disk that sits above the seaside Corniche. The main library and its reading room can house eight million books on the inside. The wonderfully organized exhibition rooms beneath the main library, however, are the major tourist attractions for tourists.

The Antiquities Museum in Alexandria houses a collection ranging from Ancient Egypt to the Greco-Roman era, with the highlight exhibitions exhibiting statuary discovered during underwater archaeological digs in the port. The Manuscript Museum, located under the library, houses a collection of ancient manuscripts and scrolls. There are other rooms dedicated to rotating contemporary art exhibitions, a permanent Egyptian folk art collection, and a Science Museum and Planetarium geared specifically at youngsters.

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