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Holy Islamic Ramadan

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Ramadan is a highly sacred month for Muslims; it is the holy month during which Mohammed received the message from the sky, delivered by the archangel Gabriel. Because Muslims use the lunar calendar, which means that the long months are 30 days, the difference in days between the Sun Calendar and the Lunar Calendar is almost 11 days, according to certain calculations. So Ramadan does not occur in the summer or the winter; it occurs all year.

While Ramadan approaches the heart of Summer, which, as you may know, is extremely hot in Egypt, During Ramadan, Muslims refrain from drinking, eating, or having sexual relations from dawn to sunset every day for at least 29 days, if not 30 days. I’m assuming you’re aware of what I said about Ramadan earlier.

The best part is that Egyptians use this particular occasion to assemble wherever and at any time, therefore there are tents specifically designed for Ramadan (large tents with singers and traditional shows) and Breakfast at Sunsets… People could go to the tent twice a day for a meal, once at dusk for breakfast and once before dawn for Souhour, which is the sole meal served with breakfast during Ramadan days, so we had two meals a day in Ramadan.

Also, during Ramadan, if you are stuck in traffic and the sunset prayer call begins, you should eat something or at the very least drink dates drink, tamarind drink, or any kind of juice. In that case, you do not have to worry because the streets will be flooded with people offering you free drinks, many of them until you tell them to stop because you have had enough.

And the very special thing is that if you are poor and have no money to buy food, you can eat for free for the entire month of Ramadan. It happens all over Egypt, in the big cities, the countrysides, villages, small cities, big streets, small streets, just about everywhere, rich people hire cocks, chiefs, and people to serve the poor, and they erect large tents with tables and seats before the sunsets. EVERYONE is free to stop eating their breakfast, rich or poor; the goal is to ensure that everyone is able to break their fast every day at sundown. The same is true in mosques; anyone can go to any mosque and eat the sunset or at the very least receive a date drink.

Fasting during Ramadan, including breakfast at sundown and another supper at Souhour before dawn. Brown dry delicious dates, dry apricot, dry figs, raisins, and coconuts are blended together to provide the percentage of sugar your body requires after fasting for the day.

So, as the sun goes down, Muslims drink this first, then pray for the sunset prayer, which takes approximately 10 minutes, and then eat soup first, then FOOD. Ramadan is the month for everyone to start improving their manners and behavior, to start becoming a truly nice person. During Ramadan, Muslims believe that God banishes all evil spirits. During Ramadan, Muslims build large lanterns and hang them in the streets to illuminate the entire country, and this is originally due to the morning prayer, which is performed in the mosque by the majority of Muslims. But I can tell you that the majority of these events take place in Egypt, particularly the tent parties, lanterns to light the streets, and children purchasing Ramadan-themed lanterns.

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