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Islamic Attractions in Egypt

Beautiful Islamic Sites in Egypt

Egypt’s Islamic Attractions show that Egypt was through a golden period of Islamic development when the rest of the world was drowning in the Middle Ages’ gloom. General Amr ibn al-‘as invaded Egypt in 641 AD and built a new city named Al-Fustat, which subsequently became Cairo, the eternal heart of Egypt and Islamic civilization for the following 1200 years. Cairo earned the nickname “City of Minarets” for having the highest concentration of mosques packed with exquisite Islamic architecture. The city has served as an inspiration for many works of art, making it the most popular location for Egypt tours. All of Egypt’s Islamic landmarks represent the Islamic dynasties that governed Egypt at various times, including the Abbasid Dynasty, Fatimid Dynasty, Ayyubid Dynasty, Mamluk Dynasty, and Ottoman Empire. All of Cairo’s one-of-a-kind historical attractions will demonstrate a new definition of beauty; all of Egypt’s Islamic landmarks feature a unique style of architecture found only in the Arab world, as well as a mesmerizing style of decoration in the form of hypnotic Quranic calligraphy written in gold.
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