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Aswan Botanical Garden – Kitchener’s Island

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The Aswan Botanical Garden, which spans 6.8 hectares, is home to hundreds of birds and exotic plants imported from all over the world, including the Far East, India, and Africa. The Aswan Botanical Garden is a lovely and one-of-a-kind retreat from the metropolis. A veritable treasure trove of Egyptian antiquities, wandering around the garden will transport you to a dreamlike state of beauty. The entire island is manicured with rare and exotic flora planted by Lord Horatio Kitchener, who gave the island in appreciation for his service as consul general of Egypt Army under British authority.

Kitchener’s Island (Aswan Botanical Garden) is located west of Elephantine Island. It is one of two Nile islands right next to Aswan, Egypt’s city center.

Kitchener’s Island History:

While settling in Aswan, the Nubians made advantage of the Aswan Botanical Garden, which they called Jet Nart When Lord Horatio Kitchener acquired the island in 1899, it became the “Lord’s House” for his campaign. In the Egyptian Army, Lord Kitchener served as a commander. Dedicated to palm palms and plants, Kitchener converted the entire island of Kitchener’s Island into a magnificent botanical paradise. When Egypt regained the island, it was renamed the Aswan Botanical Gardens, and it has

There are 27 squares on the Aswan Botanical Island, which are connected by vertical and horizontal walkways, giving the island the appearance of a chess A trip to discover the island and all that it has to offer is a memorable one Plants from all five continents were introduced to the Botanical Garden in 1928 by the irrigation ministry. Some of the plants and trees were native to the island before it was transformed into a Botanical Garden, while others were imported from other continents. There are several unique palm trees on the island, including the Royal Palm tree, the Sabal Palm tree, and the Phonic Pam tree.

Getting to Kitchener’s Island:

The only method to get to the Aswan Botanical Garden & Kitchener’s Island is by boat, either on one of the public ferries that travel between Aswan, Elephantine Island, and Kitchener’s Island or by taking a felucca tour while visiting this lovely stretch of the Nile River and sailing to view an Egyptian Sunset.

The island of Kitchener has three entrances. The island’s primary entrance is located near the island’s northern end. Enter the main gate and walk the entire length of the island until you reach the southern end; charter a felucca from there and ask the captain to wait for you at the other end.

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