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Kalabsha Temple

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The majestic Kalabsha temple is a spectacular landmark located within view of Aswan’s High Dam and is the first stop on any Nile River Cruise on Nasser Lake. When you arrive, take a stroll over the temple’s lovely stone causeway, which leads to the temple’s first pylon. Then you’ll walk through a colonnaded court with eight columned hypostyle halls. Its amazing hieroglyphs and reliefs reveal a lot about the Greek Pharaohs and ancient Egyptian gods and goddesses.

Kalabsha Temple Near Aswan
Kalabsha Temple Near Aswan

The temple of Kalabsha was completed during the reign of Augustus, the Roman emperor, near the close of the Ptolemaic period. The temple was primarily dedicated to Mandulis, a Nubian divinity. Kalapsha temple was transferred from its original location roughly 30 miles to the south after the building of the High Dam. The temple of Kalabsha is a one-of-a-kind fusion of ancient Egyptian and Greek motifs, myths, and religions. A massive wall connects the temple’s huge Pylon to the rest of the complex. If you take the steps up to the upper portion of the temple, you may have a great view of the lake and the towering dam from the temple’s roof.

The Kalapsha temple was nearly destroyed by Lake Nasser’s overflowing waters, but it was salvaged and relocated with the help of UNESCO in the 1960s, with the majority of the work being done by the German Republic. The temple of Kalabsha was originally 56 kilometers from Aswan, but now, if you visit the Aswan High Dam, you can visit the temple with a pair of binoculars. During the relocation of the temple, workmen unearthed a granite doorway, which they donated to the Berlin Agyptisches Museum.

A hypostyle hall, an open court, some spectacular Ptolemaic columns, and some screen walls are just a few of the amazing things to see. The interior decorations offer a wealth of knowledge and mysteries about the ceremonial settings, including the renowned Southern Egyptian gods Khnum and Min.

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If you have enough time in Aswan, don’t miss the opportunity to see that majestic temple, which is full of ancient Egypt’s wonderful mystique, and begin your trip by taking Aswan day tours to see the most fascinating ancient Egyptian attractions in the Nubian city.

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