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The Pharaonic Village

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Imagine going to a place a few miles from the center of Cairo where Egypt’s history and art come alive! At the Pharaonic Village, you’ll see faithful reproductions of buildings, clothing, and lifestyles, a complete replica of the tomb of Tutankhamen, and museums relating to different periods of Egyptian history. Dr. Hassan Ragab created this living museum from the beginnings of a papyrus plantation on Jacob Island. With a vision, he was able to recreate ancient life with unrivaled collections of endangered plants and species. Carrying on the tradition is Dr. Ragab’s son, Dr. Abdelsalam, who continues to improve and add to the village.

Replica of King Tut’s Golden throne

Because of their meticulous attention to detail, the unique exhibits offer more than education and entertainment, they are a vital resource for the preservation of our knowledge of the Ancient world and modern history. Join us and embark on an adventure into the rich and exciting times of the Pharaohs and beyond.

The official site of the Pharaonic village

Replica of King Tut’s tomb

Dr. Ragab’s Pharaonic Village

As a summary of your trip, and also great fun for the kids, you should drag the Pharaonic village into your list of fun places to see in Egypt. It is a big island on the Nile in Cairo, surrounded by tall trees to block the view of modern life outside. People inside are actors, imitating the pharaohs and reliving the past of Egypt.

An ancient Egyptian temple at the Pharaonic village

Growing the land, making boats, and baskets, fishing using the ancient technique of the pharaohs, sculpting statues, mummifying replicas of corpses, making pottery, and perfume, making Papyrus, and linen. And all this is just some of what you and your kids will see while on a boat trip inside. There are five museums in the village, a replica of King Tut’s tomb, and a replica of Karnak temples.

Glassmaking in ancient Egypt

Also in the village, there is a nice shopping area with all the Egyptian goods like papyrus, perfumes, leather products, Egyptian key chains, necklaces, rings, and book notes for kids, Egyptian tattoos, and your kids can have their names written in hieroglyphic. There is also a nice open-air coffee shop and a garden with two restaurants, one for fast food, and another for meals.

Fishing in ancient Egypt

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