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Egypt Cities

El Minya City

El Minya City

With its location along the Nile Valley in the heart of Egyptian territory, it is one of the most attractive cities in Upper Egypt. Because of its location and beauty, El Minya is regarded as the ...

Saint Catherine City

Saint Catherine City

Saint Catherine city is a magical jewel perched atop a mountain ridge beneath the shadow of Sinia's sacred gigantic granite pillars. It is one of the few active worship locations dating back to ...

Ain Sokhna

Ain Sokhna

Ain Sokhna is a town in the Suez Governorate, situated on the western bank of the Gulf of Suez on the Red Sea, approximately 55 kilometers south of Suez and 120 kilometers east of Cairo. Ain ...

Ancient Thebes

Ancient Thebes

Luxor initially appears in Egyptian historical records during the 11th dynasty, specifically during the reign of King Mentohotep. The ancient city of Thebes, which served as Egypt's capital under ...

The Red Sea

Red Sea Facts and History

History and Facts about the Red Sea The Red Sea's maximum breadth is 355 kilometers, its maximum length is 2,250 kilometers, and its water volume is 233,000 kilometers. Around 2500 BC, the first ...

Sinai Peninsula

Sinai Peninsula

A biblical region lies in the shadow of the heavens, sandwiched between two huge seas that formed humanity's fate. The Sinai Peninsula is a wonderland of historical landmarks such as Mount Sinai and ...

Makadi Bay near Hurghada

Makadi Bay Near Hurghada - Egypt Fun Tours

A coastal city on the gorgeous red sea shoreline reflects the most compelling image of tropical beauty, complete with an incredible amount of great activities both above and below the water levels. ...

Sharm El-Sheikh

Sharm El-Sheikh City - Egypt Fun Tours

Sharm El Sheikh - a Resort Town in Egypt. Sharm El Sheik is considered one of Egypt's most gorgeous locations and a true slice of heaven. It is situated on the southernmost extremity of the Sinai ...


Safaga - Egypt Fun Tours

Safaga Port is the ideal destination for those looking for the ultimate adventure in a short amount of time. The main purpose of this article is to provide all of the information and facts about ...

Marsa Alam

Marsa Alam - Egypt Fun Tours

Marsa Alam is a magnificent gateway to incredible adventure and the pinnacle of serenity. The red sea is a true slice of heaven, brimming with total wonder and magic, possessing bliss and divine ...

El Gouna

El Gouna - Egypt Fun Tours

El Gouna is a magnificent tourist destination located along the red sea's heavenly lagoons and shores. The objective of this article is to provide every traveler with all of the necessary facts and ...

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