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The Eye of Ra

Eye of Ra - Egypt Fun Tours

The eye of Ra is frequently confused with the eye of Horus, as both are originally the two eyes of Horus! Thus, there are two identical eye symbols in ancient Egypt. The Eye of Ra serves as the ...

Egypt during the Roman era

Egypt during the Roman Era

History of the Roman Empire in Egypt After Marcus Antony and the Ptolemaic Queen Cleopatra VII were defeated in the naval battle of Actium, the history of Roman in Egypt started. Following ...

Isis, Goddess of Love

Isis Goddess of Love

Isis, the Egyptian goddess, was a powerful divinity whose devotion extended to Greece and Rome. Isis was initially referenced in the Osiris tale in the ancient Sumerian empire (2181-2686 BC), when ...

Ancient Egyptian Alphabet

Ancient Egyptian Alphabet

Hieroglyphic Writing in Ancient Egypt Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphic Alphabet Theodosius I, the Byzantine Emperor, closed all pagan temples across the empire in 391. This move put an end to a ...

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