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Aswan Attractions

There are many attractions in Aswan. The city is spread out along the Nile’s banks. It is a peaceful and welcoming town that gives a tranquil break if you’ve just arrived from bustling Luxor or Cairo. Once ancient Egypt’s entrance to Africa, this is an ideal location for visiting the temples, monuments, and other tourist attractions in Upper Egypt’s southern reaches, as well as the area’s distinct Nubian culture. With Aswan being the nearest town to Ramses II’s gigantic temples of Abu Simbel, Philae, and the Nile-side Temple of Kom Ombo, there is much to explore in a single day. The finest way to experience Aswan’s allure is to board a felucca (traditional sailboat) and observe the city from the aquatic roadway that formerly made Aswan an important trade station. The river here is dotted with islands that are home to beautiful mud-brick Nubian communities and is boxed in by the West Bank’s massive sand dunes. It’s all quite picturesque, especially around sunset, when hundreds of lateen-sailed feluccas float down the river and the river shimmers in the setting light. Aswan is one of the greatest spots to visit in Egypt for photographers to capture classic Nile landscapes. With this list of the best sights in Aswan, you’ll discover why Egypt’s most southern Nile-side town should be on your itinerary.

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