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The Fun Travel Forums Posting Guidelines

The Egypt Fun Travel forum is a big group dedicated to making our vacation to Egypt the best it can possibly be, as well as having fun while doing so. To plan the ideal vacation to Egypt, we'll need information from as many sources as possible, preferably in a pleasant and easy method.
Even before we go, we make friends here, share our experiences, exchange jokes and opinions, and just have fun. The most essential thing is that we all exhibit respect for ourselves and others.
This is our house, and we just maintain it neat and tidy by following the following guidelines:

General Guidelines:

  • Post in a welcoming manner.
  • We are not permitted to use offensive language or slurs of any type.
  • The community is for those who want to talk about travel.
  • We are connected by our love for Egypt and Egypt tourists, therefore we do our best to keep the issue under control; nonetheless, we have made many friends on this site.
  • The postings should be in English.
  • We do not post in any other language; English is the community's primary language.
  • Our community is organized for travelers' queries and recommendations, as well as for passengers to share their experiences.

Guidelines for the Travel FAQs forum:

  • The general guidelines are in effect.
  • There will be no advertisements or self-promotion.
  • There is no hostility against posters.
  • We try to avoid discussing religion and politics in some way.

 Guidelines for posting your ads:

  • The general rules apply
  • The Travel FAQs Rules apply
  • It is very welcomed to post your ads, but they should be travel-related, and in the English language (email it to us and we shall post it in proper placement.
  • Only your guests can add responses to your ads or post.
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