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layover Tour from Cairo Airport to Pyramids & Sphinx

layover Tour from Cairo Airport to Pyramids & Sphinx - Egypt Fun Tours
from: 25$ Inquire Now
Private guided Layover tours from Cairo International Airport. Tour Giza Pyramids, Great Sphinx, Cairo downtown, & Nile photo stop. Door to door transfers.


  • Meet, welcome, and assist with airport formalities
  • Private Tour Guide Egyptologist
  • Entrance fees of the sites mentioned in the itinerary
  • Door to door transfers
  • All tours in our air-conditioned modern vehicle
  • Mineral bottled water
  • Local lunch


  • Tipping/Gratuities (optional)

This Tour's average rating is: 5

Tour Details:

  • Duration: From 5 To 7 Hours
  • Location: Cairo
  • Availability: Available Everyday
  • Pick up and drop off: Cairo Airport
  • Tour Type: Private

The ideal Pyramids and Sphinx layover tour from Cairo Airport

Leaving Cairo airport for the Cairo city tour layover to the pyramids and Sphinx is just a perfect option to kill the transit time. The idea of using this wasted time to tour Cairo and explore the famous pyramids of Egypt is amazing. Pick up from Cairo international airport, meet, welcome, and assist with airport formalities. Start our Cairo city tour layover to explore Egypt’s famed pyramids, the Great Sphinx, as well as the ancient mummification temple, the funeral temple of the King, and the Queen’s Pyramids, continue to tour the city and see Cairo downtown & Stop by the Nile for photos. Transfer back to Cairo International Airport for final departure.

Important Note:

Long layover allows you to visit many places in Cairo, however, you can customize this tour your own way and only choose what you really want to see and just spend more time in every attraction.

Cairo city tour layover Itineraries:

Stop 1: Khufu Great Pyramid

The Great Pyramid of King Khufu is the only still standing wonder from the ancient wonders of the world.

Stop 2: Queens’ Pyramids (Wifes of King Khufu)

Visit the 3 pyramids of the Queens from Khufu’s time and get inside one of them

Stop 3: Panorama Photo of the three pyramids

Watch the 3 Pyramids of The kings as well as take photos & selfies with the pyramids in the background

Stop 4: The Great Sphinx

Stop 5: The Mummification Temple

The Great Sphinx is a statue of King Chephren. The statue was made just after building the pyramid of the king as it was a huge piece of limestone rock that was left by the workers due to the low-quality standard. This Rock was later made a statue for the king himself showing him with a human head on a lion’s body.

Stop 6: Cairo Downtown – Nile Photo Stop

We drive by Cairo downtown to see the area, visit Tahrir square, & stop by the Nile for photos.


Option 1: Only A Car + Driver

  • Solo traveler: 70$
  • 2 people: 40$ per person
  • 3 people: 35$ per person
  • 4+ people: 25$ per person

Option 2: Car + Driver + Tour Guide

  • Solo traveler: 90$
  • 2 people: 55$ per person
  • 3 people: 50$ per person
  • 4+ people: 45$ per person

Option 3: Car + Driver + Tour Guide + Entrance fees

  • Solo traveler: 120$
  • 2 people: 85$ per person
  • 3 people: 75$ per person
  • 4+ people: 65$ per person

Option 4: Car + Driver + Tour Guide + Entrance fees + Food

  • Solo traveler: 135$
  • 2 people: 100$ per person
  • 3 people: 90$ per person
  • 4+ people: 80$ per person
layover Tour from Cairo Airport to Pyramids & Sphinx
layover Tour from Cairo Airport to Pyramids & Sphinx
from: 25$
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  1. You have to experience it to believe it – I promise!

    “We had a 12 hour layover in Cairo, 5am to 5pm basically, and thanks to reviews on Trip Advisor we decided to take a tour with Egypt Fun Tours. Now, let me preface this by saying that I am a perfectionist, and a very, very honest one too. Ok, here’s the one liner: I honestly cannot think of a SINGLE THING I could fault Egypt Fun Tours on. Honestly. These guys are the tourist’s dream – knowledgeable, personable, honest, upfront, clear, quick to respond, trustworthy, safe, hospitable…the works. We wrote to them to let them know what we were interested in and when we were arriving and they replied extremely quickly to suggest an itinerary with an upfront price. I wrote back with a few more questions, and within hours I had clear answers to all of them with a few tips thrown in. They were upfront about what was and was not included, but on the day they included FAR more than they had said they would. We practically had to fight Hani (our guide) to pay for our own lunch, and this was after he had already paid for breakfast, coffee, water, drinks, tips for various people…I just hope they still made a profit on our trip!

    Hani, our guide, was on time, and we were delayed so he waited for us for over an hour at the airport, exactly where he had said he would be, to our great relief when we came through. He pointed out things that weren’t on the ‘tour’ that we drove past and he is EXTREMELY knowledgeable. Extremely. The only difficulty was taking it all in, and – for him – how much could he cram into 12 hours!! He took us to a fab local cafe for breakfast (and some seriously strong coffee) which we loved. We were never hassled – never. This is something a lot of people complain about in Egypt, especially at the pyramids, but I felt totally safe with Hani and he was very upfront about our options (e.g. if you take pictures in there, you’re going to have to ‘tip’ the official, or you can leave your camera with me and go in for free…etc). Despite protecting us from hasslers, I noticed that he treated everyone, including the local guys trying to sell us stuff, with a lot of respect and generosity, and they treated him with respect in return. Everyone we met treated us well – and him – and he them – and so we didn’t feel like were taking advantage of people. It was just a really nice atmosphere. Read some of the reviews on the pyramids on trip advisor to see how different this is from some people’s experiences.

    We are sadly quite ignorant but Hani managed to pack so much knowledge and background into what we were seeing that we felt we learned tons, but without missing opportunities for funny and playful moments like taking pictures of our sunglasses “on” the Sphynx and hanging out in the cafe, walking through the downtown streets…we really got a feel for Cairo, although of course one day is not enough! There were jaw-dropping moments, mind-blowing moments, quiet moments and moments full of laughter. Also, they are flexible and you can change the itinerary on the day if you want to…they are happy to go with the flow. If you’re tired, hang out in a quiet cafe for a bit. If you’re energized, stop at another attraction!

    I feel like I could be here all night saying how great they were – seriously – but no one would read it if it was as long as that would result in, and I haven’t even unpacked yet. ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC is my summary. Trustworthy, honest (one of their policies is to return any commission they get given on any purchases tourists make back to the tourists, to make the prices more reasonable for us)…this is a tour company who are passionate about what they are showing you, believe in what they do and have a philosophy of business that is second-to-none.

    Also if you’re unsure about going to Egypt in light of the recent revolution, I can honestly say that I felt 100% safe at all times.

    Our driver was also so thoughtful, kind and trustworthy and I left all my stuff with him (money, passport, camera etc) when I wanted to go for a walk and he guarded it. I can’t believe we did so much in such a short space of time. One great thing was that Hani was always watching the time and so I felt I could just relax and enjoy the day – it didn’t feel like a layover, it felt like a second holiday – and he got us back to the airport EXACTLY at the time we had agreed, to the minute. We had plenty of time waiting around at the airport after getting back through security etc. These guys know their stuff.

    Egypt Fun Tours are the best. I am sure you won’t find better. Book with them!

    Thank you Hani, Hamada and Ahmed”

  2. Great Layover Tour
    Seeing the historic sites is amazing. Take lots of small bills with you as many locals are looking for tips if they take pictures or you need something.

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