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Egypt Coptic Churches

Discover Egypt’s Most Famous Coptic Churches

Egypt was painted with a Coptic culture and included numerous churches on the road which the holy family traveled to flee and seek shelter from the insane King Herod for 400 years, from the 3rd AD to the 7th AD. Despite the fact that Alexandria was the Christian entrance point, Cairo’s ancient city became the bastion of numerous churches and a true example of Christian architecture from the beginning of the fifth century to the present day. All of Egypt’s Coptic churches’ architectural styles were influenced by a variety of climatic, social, cultural, and mass movements, resulting in continual changes in structural systems, ornamental forms, building materials, and other variables. Egypt Coptic Churches’ architecture was heavily influenced by ancient Egyptian pharaonic and Greco-roman era architectural features, making it rather distinctive. The churches influenced and inspired Egyptian Islamic art, as some Coptic architectural characteristics can be seen in many Islamic structures around Egypt that you may see on your Egypt excursions.

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Egypt’s beautiful scenery of design and decorations Coptic churches are a sight to behold, as they serve as stewards of a living legacy that played a significant role in Egypt’s development.

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