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Weekend Cairo

There is a lot to do in Cairo during the weekend Cairo because it is a huge city with a plethora of possibilities and things to do. The best weekend Cairo tour options for residents are those that take you outside the city to explore the desert sightseeing and enjoy the pure fresh breathe while camping in the western Egyptian desert, such as those amazing trips to the white desert camping amid nowhere, and trips to Wadi El-Hitan and El-Fayum oasis to enjoy watching and discovering the very old whales’ fossils and natural lakes. Egypt Fun Tours is the first travel service to take visitors to these locations and provide them with once-in-a-lifetime experiences they will never forget.

For Europeans, the best weekend Cairo option is to book a hotel room for a night or two and go explore Cairo’s iconic sites and museums such as Giza pyramids and Sphinx, Cairo antiquities museum, national museum of Egyptian civilization, Saqqara and Memphis pyramids, Islamic and Coptic Cairo, and don’t forget to enjoy Cairo’s nightlife by booking a Nile dinner cruise or attending the sound and light show at Giza.

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