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The Best Tours from Cairo International Airport.

Booking a flight with a connection is not always a bad idea. With Egypt Tours from Cairo International Airport, booking this flight with a layover is a great idea letting you explore the iconic sites of Cairo such as the Great Giza Pyramids, the Great Sphinx, the Egyptian Antiquities Museum, Islamic Medieval Cairo, and all what Cairo as a great city has to offer. We have designed the best Cairo layover tours from Cairo Airport so you can count Cairo in and mark it done on your travel map. Cairo tours from Cairo Airport is a great chance to fulfill your dream and discover Egypt famed pyramids and Sphinx, as well as get a taste of the great city by visiting the ancient medieval old town, the tourist market, the immortal Nile river, and downtown classical Cairo. Tours from Cairo Airport did not exist until we “Egypt Fun Tours” started it on 2009. We know how, book with us now.



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Cairo Layover Tour from Cairo International Airport
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Giza Pyramids and Sphinx Layover Tour from Cairo Airport
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Egypt vacation packages
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11 Days Egypt Itineraries
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Layover Tour to Pyramids, Sphinx & Egyptian Museum from Cairo Airport
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Layover Tour to Pyramids, Sphinx & Saqqara from Cairo Airport
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Layover Tour to Pyramids, Sphinx, & Coptic Cairo From Cairo Airport
Layover Tour to Pyramids, Sphinx, & Coptic Cairo From Cairo Airport
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Layover Tour Tour to Pyramids, Sphinx, & Khan El-Khalili Bazaar From Cairo Airport
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Long Layover Transit Tour from Cairo Airport
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Private Layover Tour to Giza Pyramids, Saqqara, & Memphis
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Private Layover Tour to Pyramids, Sphinx, El-Muez Street & Tourist Bazaar
Answers on questions

It depends on how long your layover is! Typically travelers visit the Pyramids and the Sphinx, and if time permits, we pay a visit to The Egyptian Antiquities Museum, Islamic old Cairo, and the tourist bazaar at Khan El-Khalili. In some cases, we add more sites, if the layover is long enough.

We pick all travelers up from inside the terminal and assist them with airport formalities, entry visa, ..etc. Book our layover tour and relax.

The cost of Cairo layover tour is determined by how many sites and how long is the layover, but typically the price is around 100$ per person for a party of 2 people, price decreases if more participants join.

Price of the tour is quoted in USD$, however, we accept many other currencies such as GBP, CAD, AUD, EURO, & our local Egyptian pound.

We keep your luggage with us in our spacious vehicle to make sure they are safe with us inside all the tourist areas we are going to visit during the layover tour.

Yes, this is possible. Cairo layover tours can pick you up from any of those hotels inside and around the airport, and drop off at the hotel or the airport.

For layover tours from Cairo Airport, an entry visa is required, it costs 25$ USD and only takes a couple of minutes to get it stamped into your passport. Our airport representative will assist you with all the processes and make it in less than 5 minutes.

For all our Day Tours, add-ons, layover tours, & any short excursion, the deposit is not required, you pay for the package at the end of the experience.

The answer is yes. The pyramids and Sphinx sites close at 4:30 pm, but even if your arrival time is later than that, we will still take you to see the Pyramids and Sphinx from outside the site. And there is an opportunity to attend the Sphinx sound and light show for the beautiful picture of the Pyramids while they are illuminated at night.

There is so many night activities in Cairo for travelers, among them is the Nile dinner cruise with belly dancer and Dervish show, also the Pyramids sound and light show, or a walking tour in authentic old Islamic Cairo and the Bazaar.

For passengers with long layovers (longer than 8 hours), they receive a free hotel room with meals, but this is an Egyptair responsibility, not us. We require the hotel name after recieving it incase you want the tour to pick you up from the hotel not from teh terminal.

General Info


  • The currency of Egypt is the Egyptian pound, The value of the Pound is effectively fixed at the rate of 0.056 LE to 1 USD, Credit cards are widely used in Egypt.
  • In restaurants, be sure to tip the servers 10% by handing it to them directly.
  • The metro is one of the best ways to go from one place to another within Cairo.
  • Arabic is the official language, English is widely used as a second language.
  • Try “Fuol” & Ta’mia, Egyptian beans, and “Kushary”, a traditional Egyptian pasta dish.
  • Try Kebab and Kofta, the Egyptian traditional meat dish.
  • A local SIM card is important so you can make cheap phone calls.
  • It is very safe for a solo female to travel to Egypt.
  • Official Holidays are Friday and Saturday
  • Keep a local person to your side to fully enjoy your stay


  • Visit the Pyramids of Giza, the Sphinx, and the valley temple which belongs to king Chephren.
  • See Luxor temple, Hatshepsut temple, Valley of the Kings, and Karnak temple in Luxor.
  • Admire the wonders of ancient history at the Egyptian Museum.
  • Discover the magic of Egyptian oases like Siwa or Bahariya
  • Dive or snorkel in Sinai or cities situated on the Red Sea.
  • Going on a Nile Cruise from Luxor to Aswan or vise versa.
  • Shop at Khan El Khalili touristic market in Cairo.
  • Visit Philae and Abu Simbel temples in Aswan.
  • Visit Saint Catherine Monastery in Sinai.
  • Exploring Islamic Cairo on foot.
  • 7 Days Egypt Tour Package is ideal to take-in Cairo, Luxor, and Aswan sites with Nile Cruise experience.
  • 10 Days Egypt Tour package is a perfect time frame to explore Egypt classic cities and attractions
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