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Category: Sun Festival Tours

Discover the Sun Festival Event at Abu Simbel Miraculous Temples

The festival of the sun in the temples of Abu Simbel happens twice every year, which is the brightness of the sun inside the temple’s sanctuary to light the face of King Ramses II and the gods Amun and Ra the god of the sun, while the statue of the god Ptah remains dark because he is the god of shadow in ancient Egypt, this event will be on October 22 And February 22 of every year and it always happens 3200 years ago. Deportation of these dates occurred because of the change of the place of the temple due to the construction of the high dam in 1960, where the sun illuminated the sanctuary in the past, on the 21st of October and February of each year. Egyptian legendary Egyptologist Zahi Hawas recently discovered that those two days February 21st, and October 21st are; the coronation day and the birthday of King Ramses the great on which the sunlight goes to the inside of the sanctuary to illuminate his statue as well as the gods’ statues, however, there is no yet proof to claim this.