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Ancient Egyptian Mythology

Discover The Ancient Egyptian Mythology

When you think of ancient Egypt, you probably think of mythology. Ancient Egyptian mythology is a collection of tales about the gods that depict their activities as a way of interpreting the world around them. The beliefs expressed in these tales were a significant component of ancient Egyptian religion at the time. In Egyptian literature and art, myths are constantly retold, notably in short tales and religious texts like hymns and ritual texts, funeral texts, and temple ornamentation. These sources seldom provide a comprehensive narrative of a myth and sometimes just provide small parts of the story. From the dawn of creation, The Ancient Egyptian Mythology is authentic as the ancient Egyptians observed nature and honored the elders, as well as their existence and memories, and they documented all of the details of these lives on the walls of temples and tombs, in order to inform us about the past and allow us to learn from it. Not only is ancient Egyptian mythology a form of literature, but it is also a collection of true stories about people, deities, and notes taken by ancient Egyptians as they observed everything around them, from microscopic organisms to bigger living beings. They elevated animals to the status of gods, recognizing their capacity to accomplish things that man could not, while also recognizing the contributions of many others, who were recognized for their assistance to humans. Egyptians were experts in biology who valued all living things. As a result, they had hundreds of deities who were associated with their physical lives and elements, as well as with the elements themselves.

Eye of Ra - Egypt Fun Tours

The Eye of Ra

The eye of Ra is frequently confused with the eye of Horus, as both are originally the two eyes of Horus! Thus, there are two

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Isis Goddess of Love

Isis, Goddess of Love

Isis, the Egyptian goddess, was a powerful divinity whose devotion extended to Greece and Rome. Isis was initially referenced in the Osiris tale in the

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Final judgement and afterlife

Egyptian Judgment and Afterlife

Afterlife and Judgment in Ancient Egyptian Mythology Ancient Egyptians believed in life’s cyclical nature and its repercussions, owing to God Anubis “the Jackal” and mummification. The

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Immerse Yourself in Ancient Egyptian Mythology

All of Upper Egypt’s ancient stories are written and painted on various temples and tombs. If you’re interested in seeing these wonderful temples and tombs, explore our Egypt tour packages or Egypt Nile cruises and go on the breathtaking trip you’ve been waiting for.

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