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Camel Market at Berqash

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When you’re in Cairo, don’t miss visiting the camel market and seeing all the beautiful colored camels. The Route of the Tour You will be taken to the Souqal-Gamaal, a camel market in Cairo, before daybreak on Friday morning. Hundreds of camels were brought through the shifting sands from Libya, Sudan, Somalia, and Aswan, only to wind up pulling at the pyramids or dangling by their hooves in a slaughterhouse.

Its largest camel market in Egypt, 35 kilometers northwest of Cairo, on the outskirts of the western desert, is a stark contrast to Cairo city life. It is Egypt’s largest of its kind, and individuals from all walks of life, as well as traders, flocked there to purchase reasonably inexpensive and guaranteed healthy meat. Foreign visitors from all over the globe visit this famous market because they want to view the greatest gathering of camels after seeing the Pharaonic ruins (the ship of the desert).

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