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Fun Places for Kids In Egypt

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When families arrange a trip to Egypt, they always think about their children and what type of entertaining things they might do in the land of the pharaohs, where seniors are certain to have a good time!
In Egypt, there are many enjoyable locations for kids, particularly in Cairo, where there are several amusement parks and aqua parks.
Giza Zoo is a fantastic destination for children since it is large, safe, and green, allowing them to run around freely while observing animals and birds.

Cinema studios in Cairo are undoubtedly one of the locations you should consider taking your children because they provide a variety of activities and live performances.
A trip to one of Cairo’s large supermarkets is an excellent option since most of them include a beautiful, safe indoor park for the kids, and the same is true of the city’s large shopping malls.

This does not mean that your children will have a good time only in Cairo; there are amusement parks in all of the major cities, and so-called “animation teams” (also known as “entertainment teams”) can be found in all of the hotels in Hurghada and Sharm El-Sheikh on the Red Sea, and these teams always run a variety of fun activities geared toward children. You’ve been thinking about locations to add to your list on a regular basis, and in addition to the swimming pool as a wonderful source of entertainment for kids, all of the children’s activities are carried out in the large swimming pools found in all of Hurghada’s and Sheikh Al-Sheikh hotels.

On the other hand, when exploring the little cities “if it is in your plan,” your children will be in the company of other Egyptian youngsters, and they will undoubtedly have a great time.

The Pharaonic village should be included in your list of entertaining sites to see in Egypt as a summary of your vacation and also as excellent entertainment for the kids. It’s a large island in Cairo on the Nile, encircled by towering trees that obscure the view of contemporary life. People inside are impersonating pharaohs and reenacting Egypt’s past. Growing crops, building boats, and baskets, fishing using pharaohs’ old skills, sculpting statuary, mummifying corpse replicas, producing ceramics and perfume, and making Papyrus and linen. All of this is only a sample of what you and your children will see on an interior boat ride. In the tiny village, there are five museums, as well as a recreation of King Tut’s tomb and Karnak temples.

There is also a wonderful shopping center in the hamlet with all of the Egyptian items, such as papyrus, fragrances, leather products, Egyptian key chains, necklaces, rings, and book notes for kids, Egyptian tattoos, and your children’s names inscribed in hieroglyphic. A lovely open-air coffee shop and a garden with two restaurants, one for quick food and the other for meals, are also available.

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