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The Best Egypt Vacation for a First-Time Visitor

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There is always the possibility of planning the best Egypt vacation for a first-time visitor!
Is this your first time in Egypt? Visiting such an ancient nation needs some preparation, such as reading about its history, which can be obtained via our themes and our Egypt travel guide. It is also a good idea to know what to avoid and what not to avoid. Do not go to Egypt, or any other Middle Eastern country, without first researching it.

A list of things to avoid in Egypt to have the best time possible:

  1. Avoid chatting to strangers in Egypt since they will most likely attempt to sell you something or charge you for anything, which may occasionally be billing you for nothing and asking you to give a “Bakshish” tip.
  2. Avoid taking a camel or horse ride at the Giza pyramids, Saqqara, or the Nubian hamlet unless your local tour guide is present and, ideally, organizes the experience.
  3. There will be some locals who will want to speak to you, ask you for directions, or start a discussion while you are strolling alone in the street; please avoid talking to them and do not even stop! They work with stores, and their job is to find tourists and lead them to shops where they can make purchases and pay money.
  4. Avoid taking a cab or Uber to the tourist attractions like the Pyramids: These Uber and taxi drivers will take you to tourist traps such as camel or horse rides around the pyramids and charge you a significant amount of money (400$ USD), and they will also lead you to some local souvenir shops where you will be able to buy some very poor quality souvenirs at extremely high costs!
  5. Drinking tap water should be avoided.
  6. Eat fresh veggies and/or fruits as little as possible.
  7. Unless you are certain that the cold drinks are made with mineral bottled water, avoid any cold beverages made of water (Your local tour guide is a helpful tool)
  8. Avoid scheduling any low-cost tour since there will be hidden costs and cunning methods in the excursion that you would not enjoy.
  9. Avoid crossing the street in the same way that natives do! There are no traffic signals in Egypt except in the big main squares of the major cities; nonetheless, people cross the street at any time, which is not suggested for tourists since it is unsafe.

Activities that are suggested:

  1. When dining out, be sure you tip the servers 10% by delivering it to them personally.
  2. The metro is one of the finest methods to go from one location to another inside the city of Cairo.
  3. Try the Egyptian beans “Fuol” and Ta’mia, as well as “Kushary,” a typical Egyptian pasta dish.
  4. Try the Egyptian classic meat meal, kebab and kofta.
  5. It is necessary to have a local SIM card in order to make inexpensive phone calls.
  6. To thoroughly enjoy your visit, have a local by your side.
  7. Taking images of locals is acceptable in most circumstances since Egyptians are extremely pleasant people who would not mind you photographing them.
  8. Taking a trip to Islamic Cairo is a good idea for amazing images of local landmarks and people, as well as a beautiful real atmosphere.

Take the best trip to Egypt

Egypt, with its vast history and everlasting civilization, has a lot to offer, and it is without a doubt one of the countries that, with its kind people and outstanding tourist sites, will make your visit epic and unforgettable. It is advised that you book your Egypt tour packages through a reputable tour operator such as Egypt Fun Tours if you are a first-time tourist. We also provide Nile river cruises and safaris in the desert. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to personalize your Egypt vacation with us.

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