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Since 1999, Egypt Fun Tours has been at the forefront of an initiative that aims to assist the Egypt travel community and every employee in the tourism industry in Egypt by providing information and explaining complex methods in a straightforward manner, allowing people to achieve their objectives and succeed in the tourism industry.

Egypt Fun Tours Help People Spread the Love

Several members of the Egypt Fun Tours team have been teaching on tourism in Egyptian institutions, as well as speaking about and addressing “How To” inquiries.

contributions on a continuous basis

Egypt Fun Tours is still available to assist those in need, and today anyone can advertise with Egypt Fun Tours for a small fee. We have worked very hard and accumulated a great deal of information and facts about modern and ancient Egypt in order to make Egypt and Egyptology more accessible to the general public.

Advertising with Egypt Fun Tours

To advertise with us and get our audience to know you and your brand, there are many different options available. These include a basic link, an article, media (video or image), or even a comprehensive page with photographs, videos, and connections. Please send us an email if you are interested in advertising with us, and make sure your content is ready to be shared on our website.

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