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The entire crew at “Egypt Fun Tours” recognizes the importance of sustainable tourism, and we encourage our visitors to leave a good impact while in Egypt. In a world filled with variables like greenhouse gases and omissions in our atmosphere, we understand the need to keep our environment clean and well-cared for. The Global Code of Ethics for Tourism (GCET) is a comprehensive collection of principles aimed at assisting major participants in tourism development as a vital frame of reference for responsible and sustainable tourism. It strives to help governments, the travel industry, communities, and tourists maximize the sector’s benefits while reducing its potentially detrimental impact on the environment, cultural heritage, and societies around the world.

The World Tourism Organization’s General Assembly adopted it in 1999, and the United Nations’ recognition two years later prompted UNWTO to pursue effective implementation of its provisions. Although the Code is not legally binding, it does include a voluntary implementation mechanism in the form of the World Committee on Tourism Ethics (WCTE), to which stakeholders can bring questions about the document’s application and interpretation. The ten principles of the Code encompass the economic, social, cultural, and environmental aspects of travel and tourism in great detail:

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